Dave Boehne on Foiling or How Infinity is Slowly but Surely making its mark in the Foil Market

50 years ago, Infinity Surfboards was born. Then came Infinity SUP. Now comes Infinity Foilboards. And just like the two other household names, it’s here to stay! Keeping true to its roots, the SoCal family surf brand based in Dana Point, has been carefully and surely embracing the fast-expanding foil market in all its forms, as a natural progression to its long history with its core customers primarily in mind. With only a few beautifully crafted high-end foil products released so far, Infinity’s CEO Dave Boehne explains to TotalSUP how being loyal to the foil while being loyal to your surf and sup brand is possible when you stick to your values.

Hello Dave, you’re known as an incredible surfer and stand up paddler… have you become a foiler and wing foiler now too?

Just like everyone else, I want to do it all and all the time! Not enough time in the day to do all the various ways to ride waves that I enjoy! I usually get locked into something then get a little bored and get into something else then come back to it. So yes I have been foiling but lately, I’ve been shortboard surfing the most. The wing is something that I really want to get into but it’s never windy here in Dana Point, CA so it’s been hard getting any experience with it. I’ve only been a handful of times so hopefully, sometime soon do a wing specific trip and get it going. Looking forward to that for sure.


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Surf Foil, SUP foil, Wing foil, Downwind foil … what’s your foil game?

I pretty much foil surf, Tow or whip-in foil and Downwind. Even though I SUP surf, the SUP surf foiling doesn’t really interest me much at all. The downwind side of it is what I’m most excited about. It’s just so sick to ride a wave for that long. wow.

What’s your view on how foiling has progressed in the last 4 years from a user point of view?

It’s definitely gotten easier for someone to learn from the jump. Equipment is much better and there’s lots of good info on the internet and YouTube now. It’s nuts now all the flips and the wing thing is exploding. I keep it low-key and just kinda soul surf foil I like to just carve and link waves.

Same question from a business point of view?

Foiling is progressing and moving so fast it’s expensive to be a real leader in the space. My hat goes off to the guys leading and coming out with new wing designs and equipment so fast. It’s not easy to keep pace. Right now it still has that “flavor of the month” vibe. Whoever comes out with a new wing is the “it” brand for that moment until the next company comes out with theirs but there definitely are 3-4 brands doing a great job and leading.

How have you decided to enter the foil market at Infinity?

I’m a board builder and I only make what I’m into and have experience in so foil boards came naturally as a progression. We are making hand wings and true I’m not an avid winger (yet) people were asking us for one. I’m lucky to have great partners in parts of the world that are windy and have the experience needed to come out with a top of the line design and product so I’m excited to get them released. The feedback has been excellent and that’s all I can ask for. I’m not trying to lead the space at all I just want to make solid high-end designed products for people that resonate with the Infinity brand. We’ll see where else it takes us.


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In your opinion, is foiling endangering the surf and sup practice and business?

Not for us but that’s maybe because of how our brand is positioned. We have one lane which we stay in. Premium high-end products and this customer tends to do it all and foiling is just the latest habit added to the quiver.

Can you detail your foil board and wing?

Our production boards are premium carbon builds so we take a lot of time with the design and construction of the boxes and inserts how we are building these boards for low failure rate. The strength of the component is constantly put to the test as the sport progresses with larger wings and guys going higher and higher we need to move just as fast so equipment is the last thing on their minds.

Also the small detail like specific traction details and of course the shape. Right now we offer an “all around” Tombstone SUP/wing board that crosses over for SUP surfing and there are small enough sizes to cater to wing only riders. Then we have the Tombstone prone line which is small high-volume paddle in foil boards that are super light and excellent for pumping, jumping. Some of the more advanced guys are riding the larger sizes as a wing board as well.


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The goal with the “Fly Wing” was simple. I wanted to have a premium construction, lightweight, all the features you want and nothing you don’t need. Minimal compact design. Each size has a specific shape 3m, 4.2m, 5m, 6m that fits the wind strength. We didn’t come up with a shape and simply scale it down or up. They are specifically designed around the amount of wind you are using it for. Having low-end power was important throughout the range as well.

Any other foil products coming soon?

We are hoping to expand our board line with a specific winging and down wind design hopefully for 2022 but for 2021 the boards got an update in design and construction so looking forward to the new stuff to hit the shops in Spring.

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