Brendon Prince joins the Blackfish Paddles Team

“We are so excited to welcome Brendon Prince to the Blackfish Team. Brendon is an amazing athlete and someone with a passion and desire to see what’s possible on a paddleboard. We are honoured that he chose to use our paddles when he paddled around the UK and it is great to have him join our team,” commented David Smart, Founder of Blackfish Paddles, Canadian developers of high-performance, handcrafted SUP paddles. “We are looking forward to supporting him in his athletic endeavours as well as applying his feedback into the development of our products. Brendon’s dedication to the sport along with his understated approach truly align with our brand, and we are excited to be part of his adventures!”

Photo by Will Reddaway Photography

Brendon Prince and the record-breaking Long Paddle

Involved for years in outdoor activities, physical education and watersports, Brendon Prince, extreme adventurer, lifeguard, water safety & ‘blue mind’ crusader, is one of the most socially engaged paddlers in the UK contributing to the SUP scene with his wealth of experience and knowledge. He is also the legend behind The Long Paddle, an extraordinary campaign and a world record-breaking achievement that captured the imagination of paddlers around the world and a well-deserved place in our sports history.

Photo by Will Reddaway Photography

The whole SUP world was watching as Brendon set off in April 2021, determined to circumnavigate mainland Britain on a paddleboard and raise awareness of unnecessary drownings along with crowdfunding the development of the world’s first water safety app. It took him “141 days, over 100 beaches landings and 8 million paddle strokes” to complete the 4000-mile journey and become the first man in history to achieve that! 

Photo by Will Reddaway Photography

Brendon Prince: More adventure paddling and new record setting is coming!

“I’m beyond excited about joining Blackfish Paddles, for me they are the best paddles! In 2021, my Blackfish Andaman paddle completed over 5000km and it’s as good today as the day I was given it. Confidence in your paddle is paramount for my style of endurance paddling, the paddle is key to a safe and successful adventure,” said Brendon Prince. “2023 is going to be a big year for adventure paddling and setting new records for time spent on a board.  I plan to demonstrate the joys of paddling ‘around the corner’ and the true essence of adventure paddling.” 

Photo by Will Reddaway Photography

Blackfish news coincides with the announcement of a brand new stand-up paddleboard endurance event, SUP Twelve Torbay, brought by Above Water, the Charity founded by Brendon Prince in his ongoing quest to stop accidental drowning in the UK.


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