This Weekend’s Results: Riviera SUP Race, Hawaii WPA National Race, Lille Paddle Race

One more great Stand Up Paddle weekend! Between the Riviera SUP Race, the Hawaii WPA National Race, the Challenge de la Petite Mer, the Lille Paddle Race, the Paddle Zik and the SUP 11 Meren- ISA Team Netherland tryoutsthere was certainly no chance of getting bored!

Riviera SUP Race (Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France)

Long Distance:

Men’s results:
1. Paul-Conrad Delaere
2. Simon Gallot
3. Tom Villedary

Women’s results:
1. Olivia Piana
2. Mélanie Lafenetre
3. Ines Blatge

Men’s Open results:
1. Nicolas Lebeau
2. Yann Redouin
3. Antonin Lebeau

Women’s Open results:
1. Virginie Samson
2. Sara Oddera
3. Laure Caissotti

SUP 11 Meren- ISA Team Netherland tryouts (Oudega – Fryslan, Netherland)

Long Distance:

Men’s qualifiers:
1. Joep van Bakel
2. Ike Frans

Women’s qualifiers:
1. Petronella van Malsen
2. Janneke Smits

Technical Race:

Men’s qualifiers :
1. James van Drunen
2. Martijn van Deth

Women’s qualifiers:
1. Emma Reijmerink
2: Petronella van Malsen

Lille Paddle Race (Lille, France)

Men’s results :
1. Paul Lenfant
2. Yanis Maire
3. Olivier Garet

Women’s results:
1. Cindy Journez
2. Lylou Haettel
3. Charlotte Dambrine

Paul Lenfant: “It was a great contest here in Lille and the organisation was superb. The conditions were tough, with 10 knots of upwind, downwind and sidewind. I personally adopted the Boothy technique, trying to break the draft train, but this wasn’t possible until the last 300m. It was a wonderful experience overall.

Cindy Journez: “An amazing race at home alternating between upwind and downwind. There was a really good atmosphere with excellent riders. Special mention to Lylou, who finished 2nd. She is just 15 years old but getting better and better every day.”

Hawaii WPA National Race (Hawaii)

Men’s results 14′:
1. Kaihe Chong
2. Kione Dahlin
3. Tyler Jaggers

Women’s results 12’6:
1. Kiyomi Sheppard
2. Lily Ayele
3. Lynette Hanashiro

Challenge de la Petite Mer ( Riantec, France)

Short Distance:

Men’s results:
1. Pierre de la Monneraye
2. Romain Botti
3. Loic le Guéhennec

Women’s results:
1. Barbara Duchene
2. Laurie Buchart
3. Valérie Cardon

Long Distance:

Men’s results:
1. Pierre de la Monneraye
2. Philippe Leloup
3. Bernard Jaouen

Women’s results:
1. Marie- Elphège Julienne
2. Nadine Cartron

Paddle Zik (Arcachon, France)

Long Distance:

Men’s results 14′:
1. Frédéric Girard
2. Alexandre Agudo
3. Martin Luçon

Men’s results 12’6:
1. Antoine Fusetti
2. Christophe Lermite
3. Benoit Vergez

Women’s results:
1. Christel Luçon
2. Anne-Sophie Maugey
3. Oriane Valora

Short Distance (6km):

Men’s results:
1. Matthieu Aguirre
2. Olivier Preuilh
3. Fabien Lasserre

Women’s results:
1. Géraldine Germain
2. Hélène Godelu
3. Stéphanie Bodin

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