Paddle for the planet and a chance to win a custom built Infinity SUP board!

Infinity has once again partnered with the world’s leading conservation organization, World Wildlife Fund, on their mission to save the planet’s wild waters and natural places through the WWF’s Virtual Panda Paddle event bringing together all water enthusiasts to paddle their favourite body of water and raise funds for a world-changing cause.

“We’ve been involved with the Panda Paddle since the beginning, sponsoring each event. It’s always cool to collaborate with a foundation that has a big impact”, commented Infinity’s boss Dave Boehne, who has been activating his local SUP community for this important cause and has designed a unique Infinity SUP surf board for this year’s fundraiser.

“The board we offer goes to the highest campaigner. It’s the Wide Aquatic, our allround, touring shape but what’s cool abut it is that these ones are custom built here in the USA so they’re really nice quality, very light and WWF provides the art. This is a great way to match our board building skills with art and make the one of a kind piece. It’s just this one board so people are really excited to win them. Anyone can hop on it and ride – It just makes sense!”


How to get involved in the Panda Paddle

Recreational Paddle

Nature provides a solace that has never been more important to our physical and mental health. The Recreational Panda Paddle is a way to connect with nature by being in it.

How you paddle is entirely up to you:

• You can stand-up paddleboard (SUP), kayak, canoe, surfski, etc.
• You can go for a short paddle around your favourite lake or you can challenge yourself to paddle further than you ever have before.

However you decide to participate, we encourage you get out on the water and experience the calming power of nature while you raise funds to protect it. Find out more and register

Virtual Competition

You can sign up for either a 5K course or a 10K course and use a fitness tracker to keep track of your time.

Up until 21 August, take to the water with your favourite activity tracker turned on. Report your results within our Strava club or take a screenshot of your time and send it to the Panda Paddle team who will compile the results and share on our website!

And as always, the funds you raise as part of this event will help protect our ocean, fresh water, forests and all living things. Find out more and register 

Register Today

When you register for WWF’s Virtual Panda Paddle, you’ll make a one-time donation of $40 and will receive a page on our website to raise funds and awareness for WWF’s conservation work. Then between August 12–21, it’s up to you! Choose a time and location to take to the water and paddle for a purpose.

Top Fundraiser Contest: Custom built Infinity Board

Infinity has returned as a sponsor for this year’s Panda Paddle and the team has generously offered a WWF Panda Paddle Stand-up Paddleboard to the fundraiser who raises the most money on their Panda Paddle page by 11:59PM CT on 21 August 2022.

This year’s design is brand new and there is only one of these boards that has been produced to date, so this is truly a unique opportunity to earn a board not available for purchase.

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*Winner will be determined as the person who has raised the most funds on their Panda Paddle personal fundraising page by 11:59PM Central Time on August 21, 2022. Full contest rules.

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