The new Infinity Whiplash is OUT and it is HOLLOW! Interview with Dave Boehne

The new Infinity SUP Whiplash has been one of the most anticipated SUP racing boards of the year.  TotalSUP caught up with Infinity’s boss and a major influence on the SUP and surf scene, Dave Boehne, to find out more about his latest race design, the process behind it and challenges to make “big jumps” in performance design that have the potential to advance the sport.

Hi Dave, we’re stoked to see the new Infinity Whiplash Hollow – Congratulations! Could you tell us more about the design journey behind today’s release?

One of my favourite things to design is the race boards. I’ve been designing race boards for over 8 years now so at this point it is a challenge to really make big jumps in performance and design. It’s all about the little tweaks and adjustments and fine-tuning… Prototyping is not easy and it’s expensive. It also takes a long time and endless hours on the water. We all want a fast and stable board so the challenge is simply that.

How can we keep moving forward to make it better from the last? We are one of the brands that are committed to performance and this process is very rewarding to take a design concept and see it come to life. To finally watch it win a race and watch people all over the world going fast and paddling like a freak! As a designer and brand owner there is nothing better.

A video presentation of the Infinity Whiplash Hollow Carbon:

What makes the new Infinity Whiplash model different?

The two biggest innovations with this new Whiplash is the tail concept and the hollow carbon construction. The design is an evolution from the stepped style tails I’ve been designing on these boards taken to the next level.

The rocker is even flatter and a more sharp entry beneath the nose. All of this is working together to make the most efficient Whiplash ever.

What are the key features of the Infinity Whiplash and how are they enhancing the rider’s experience and performance?

The tail design essentially works at two tails in one in that the bottom of the board is narrow and provides a very clean and slippery glide and the top of the board is wider so this provides side to side stability only when needed. In theory similar to an Ama on a canoe you have this stability on both sides of the board. The biggest advantage is having the speed of a narrow-tailed board but the stability of a much wider tailed board when buoy turning and riding off the tail.

This board is incredibly stable. The hallow construction fits this flat-water specialty design perfectly. The difference in performance is the lighter “airy” glide you get from hallow construction. It also is more “corky” so when you apply power strokes and sink the hull it wants to pop back up out of the water with more energy. It’s lighter but not crazy lighter and very rigid. Also the hallow construction in most cases is easier to repair.

Who is the Infinity Whiplash board designed for?

This board is a specialty flat-water design. This is for people who desire the most effortless speed and efficiency. Serious paddlers who demand cutting edge performance over everything else. Whether you are a serious racer or someone who likes to knock out flat water miles on the weekend. The team rides the Whiplash until they can’t. When it doesn’t make sense like a Surf race or downwinder they will choose the Blackfish.

What can riders expect from it?

Breaking your personal speeds and times, effortless paddling and glide and unexpected stability.

Is this the board you’re riding yourself?

I ride the Whiplash a lot here in Dana Point and have pushed this board beyond what it’s recommended for. As you get to know your board more and more you can be surprised how far you can push a design out of it’s intended use. It’s nice to have access to the quiver so we’ve been doing some down winders on the Downtown model and some bumpy weekend grinds on the Blackfish. They all work together is an awesome line up!


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Epic! Congrats again on the new Infinity Whiplash Hollow Carbon and we’re looking forward to catching up with you at the upcoming SUP events!

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