Victoria Burgess: 1st Crossing Attempt from Cuba to Florida by SUP

On the 26th June 2018, Floridian Victoria Burgess will paddle from Havana Cuba to Key West Florida crossing the Straits of Florida to raise awareness and funds for the Women’s Sports foundation. The crossing will be fully supported, with a paramedic, a videographer and boyfriend (paddler) Roray Kam.

Established in 1974, the Womens’ Sports Foundation created to advance the lives of women and girls through sports and physical activity, many of whom may have not had the opportunity to otherwise. They are dedicated to creating leaders by ensuring girls access to sports.

Victoria told TotalSUP about the main issues of her paddle, “The Straits of Florida is a passage that connects the gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic ocean.  There are alot of currents passing through the straits, due to the influx of water entering and leaving the Gulf of Mexico. One of the main problems that we will be dealing with are eddies, which are circular currents.”

Victoria added “Depending on the line,  it will be anywhere from 100-120 miles long and will take anywhere from 25-30 hours non stop. We are aiming for calm weather, rather than downwind conditions this is in part due to the length of the paddle, although little ‘downwind’ every once in a while, would help.”

 If you want to support Victoria check out her website chicalibresupcrossing

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