Tricking the Water with the Infinity Whiplash 2018

2nd August 2018

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Infinity has just released their 2018 version of the whiplash SUP, with a focus on flat-water paddling. The Infinity Whiplash has been a staple in the infinity lineup and the new design is seen as a  push to make the board “better and better” according to Infinity man Dave Boehne “the Whiplash is on a mission for flat water supremacy”.

Dave Boehne told TotalSUP he is super excited about the new design ” It’s our fastest flat water / mild chop board to date. The glide per stroke is unmatched”.  He continued to add that “The whiplash is unique for it’s hybrid pintail design. This pintail shape is “stepped” into the square tail outline allowing it to trick the water for a pintail feel in the release while maintaining the stability, volume, and control of the wider square tail shape”. Here is a breakdown of the the new 2018 Whiplash design from Infinity head man Dave Boehne.

This year we concentrated on giving the whiplash better flat water speed, glide, and getting a good release from the board. We developed the nose to have V shape up and flat on the bottom, this V design allows the board to punch through the water. Also new for 2018 is more volume on the nose, you will see that the new mode has a more pronounced spine running down the back, developed to allow the board to shed water and remain dry.

The new Whiplash has a deep standing cockpit and a raised rail, within this there are 4 scupper holes to drain away water efficiently. The deeper cockpit has been developed to increase the stability, versatility and comfort of the board. Then at the rear of the board is a flat tail, this flat tail area allows the rider to perform buoy turns effectively and surf ocean bumps. As per usual the Whiplash has a parallel outline, it is the same as previous versions, except for a narrower tail.

On the bottom of the board there is a lot to look take in, we at infinity have tried to design a board that tracks straight with each alternative paddle stroke. We have designed the Whiplash with a step in-tail design. Effectively a smaller tail that has a real hard concave edge, and embedded in an outlying square tail. An innovative idea to trick the water into believing that the board has a super small pin tail but on a very stable board.

The board is super greasy and we at infinity are super stoked about it!

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