Infinity Downtown Downwind with Dimitris Komninos

Greek Paddler Dimitris Komninos  catches a cracking downwind run on the new Infinity Downtown Board. Downwind SUP is increasing in popularity in Greece, and with this magic downwind (DW)  clip of Artemida Bay on the Aegean Sea, Greece we can see why. Dimitris really pushes the new Downtown board to its limits, linking between sets effortlessly, doing exactly what the new board is designed to do!

Check out Dave Boehne talking through the new Downtown design. The Infinity Downtown board has just been released, designed for downwinds and  choppy waters, it is available in the traditional flat deck and new dugout version. The Infinity team described the board as having an interesting design and a great timeless downwind rocker from which the team built the board. The outline is a classic wide point forward shape with a pulled in mini square tail this allows stability and early entry into bumps. The board possess a squaretail that releases like a dream and does not get pushed around in the side chop. High rails for stability and hard edges for quick surfy release, with a nose has rocker to slip into the curves and rise up in between bumps for longer gliding.

Dimitris glides easily along on the waves on his board, surfing each section nicely.  He is super stoked about the performance of his board telling TotalSUP “The Downtown is really fast on the bumps and pretty stable for its width and certainly has top end construction; I have the flat deck option measuring 14’x25 (281ltrs)”. Dimitris is lucky enough to have the local Meltemi wind (northerly) blowing more or less constantly every day, so it will be a great summer for Dimitris to catch some amazing bumps and fine swell to really downwind his new infinity board.

The Infinity Downtown has been just released so we should see more epic downwind videos from Dimitris Komninos on his Infinity!


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