A good close-up at the X-Bionic BR’1

19th December 2020

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Here is a detailed view of the brand new XBionic BR1 by Bruno Hasulyo.

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X-Bionic BR’1 SUP Race Board Specs

X-Bionic BR’1 – Nose Shape

The shape of the nose of the X-BIONIC BR1 has been hydrodynamically simulated and tested to maximize the slicing effect and ease of glide with a reduced side wave creation, resulting in a very efficient forward motion.

X-Bionic BR’1 – Low, Wide and Stable Deck

Wide standing area for a 22” board. The internal standing area of the dugout section is 20 inches wide, resulting in a very comfortable and stable area. The deck is low to get closer to the water line and to lower the center of gravity for more stability.

X-Bionic BR’1 – Fin Box

The fin box is strategically located 56cm from the end of the tail, for good maneuverability and course tracking.

X-Bionic BR’1 – Ergonomic Hull

From a piercing nose, the hull of the X-Bionic BR’1 converts into a smooth round surface and ends with a diamond tail, resulting in a reduced drag of the board.

X-Bionic BR’1 – Waterlined Tech

The waterline of the board has been hydrodynamically studied to maximize the gliding experience for riders.

X-Bionic BR’1 – Diamond Tail

The tail of the board is a smooth Diamond tail with added volume. The tail has been thought through to provide maneuverability in the turns and keeping a fast pace when riding waves or boat wakes. The drag of the tail has been minimalized and two drainage holes are positioned at the lowest point of the deck.

For more details on Bruno Hasulyo’s XBionic BR1 board:

contact: bruno.hasulyo@x-bionic.com




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