Choosing the correct paddle length with Jim Terrell

19th February 2018

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How long should you stand up paddle be?

Choosing the length of the SUP paddle shaft is always a problem; There seems to be many factors to consider so to help you determine the perfect  length for your paddle. Here is a video of Quickblade owner Jim Terrell  giving some advice on the perfect SUP paddle height, and dispelling some urban myths of paddle length measurement.

  • A general setting Jim Terrel uses is 10% higher than your height. So multiply your height by 1.1 and you can be the height (in inches + 10%)
  • However, For SUP surfing the paddle height is smaller due to position of surfing, board thickness and to consider the sinkage of the board.
  • For Downwind paddling the paddle height is longer in length, with the difference being up to 13%/14% to account for the thickness of the board

If you are unsure the 10% theory is the general setting, make sure you’re measuring the total length of the paddle from the tip of the paddle to the very outer edge of the grip/handle.

These are idealised settings, not mandatory, and obviously you have to take into account the users of the paddle, dropping 300euro on each paddle for each member of the family may not be possible. So paddling with an adjustable paddle maybe a solution to find your preferred length for all the family.

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