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13th February 2018

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Introducing SUP Polo, a great combination of team sport, a cardio workout and all whilst paddling.

This edit shows Team Blue Chip Raiders at training, Current UK National Champions, The UK SUP polo scene is vibrant with roughly 5 or 6 established teams in the UK.

Basic rules of the game as describe by Sarah Thornely from Team Blue Chip Raiders

*3-4 on each team; 5mins each half.

*If the ball goes out another one is thrown in immediately.

*Restart is a full paddle to grab the ball at the half way line

*No handling of the ball.

*No pushing the opposition’s board with the paddle.

*Goal must be scored whilst you are on your feet, and out of the water.

* And the sin bin for things like throwing yourself at people to prevent goals 😉

A Great idea for a cardio work out when the weather is decidely wintery! Plus they looked like they are having fun!

The next tournament is at Guildford Lido on the 22nd April 2018! With 6 teams scheduled to play!

Will it a be a grand slam for team Captain Brian Johncey and his  Blue Chip Raiders?



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