Starboard Waterline Carbon Top 14 x 28

Structure Rigid
Board Type Touring, SUP Race
Year 2020
Volume 290
Length 14'
Width 28"
Volume 290L
Weight 11.75Kgs


The most pleasurable flat water paddling experience Starboard have ever developed.

This board is designed as a specialised flat-water Touring paddle board, the Waterline promises the smoothest and most relaxing paddling sensation in conditions up to shin high chop.

A shape focused on achieving maximum speed and stability with no splash or sound.

At 75% speed this hull is faster than Starboard’s race boards, so in essence for most riders it’s the quickest ride ever.

“Glassy sunrise paddles is where the Waterline is in its element” ~ Trevor Tunnington”

See available sizes:

14’0″ x 28″

12’6″ x 28″




(Avilable only on Carbon Top models)”

-The Narrow V-Shaped Nose

Slices through water without leaving a trace behind. Even when paddling at power, the nose displaces the water without disturbance or splash, creating a feeling of pure efficiency and speed. The narrow nose also helps the board track in a straight line.

-Parallel Mid-Section

The narrowed nose gradually widens into a more parallel mid-section to maximise stability where you stand.

-Wide Tail

From the mid-section, the tail is kept wide to maintain stability when stepping back to turn and holds enough buoyancy to carry gears.

– Profile

Optimises the true “Waterline.

Providing enough volume to glide smoothly without water splashing or wrapping over the deck.

– Rail Edge

A defined rail edge helps restrict water wrapping onto the deck and sheers water off the nose.

– Cutaway Tail

Inspired from years of success in Windsurfing

The cutaway at the tail increases the speed by reducing drag from narrow wetted surface area.

The cutaway allows you to increse speed as the water feels a narrower planing surface yet maintain stability from the full tail outline.

The cutaway acts as a stabiliser, when conditions get choppy, the decks outline catches and stops the board from rolling.

-Recessed Standing Area

Lowers the paddlers centre of gravity for increased stability and control.

-Recessed Storage Compartment

Positioned just in front of the feet making it easy and fast to access any gears.

Recessing compartment improves aerodynamics for a faster glide, limits water flushing in and makes it more secure to stow gears.

-Angled Drainage

The deck is precisely angled to let water flow efficiently out of the tail within just a couple strokes of paddling.”

-EVA Traction Pad

with Standing Marks

Soft EVA deck pad with crocodile texture provides a comfortable grip when paddling.

Die-cut standing marks indicate the ideal standing position to optimise the smoothest glide.

– Startouch Grip

is used on the tail of the board for traction when stepping back to turn or when accessing gears.”

-Bungee Tie Down on nose and tail of the board

4 x bungee inserts help secure gear and supplies on the nose.

With 2 extra bungee inserts on the tail, perfect for carrying gear for longer distance paddlers.

-FCS Insert

On the nose to attach accessories like a GoPro, phone holder, compass or GPS .

STAR Mount supplied with every board to attach further accessories.

(Only on Carbon Top models).

– Fin Position

A Race Ultra fin is positioned far back for straight tracking.

The Race Ultra has enough depth to maintain good lateral stability while being manoeuvrable to turn.

(Lite tech uses Dolfin 22″ Fin)



-The best-lightest value ever

– Comes in Wave graphic designed by Sonni Honscheid.

– Shoulder carry strap makes it easy and lighter to carry, bungee tie downs nose and tail to transport gear.

– Introducing light biaxial carbon on the deck mixed with a protective layer of low weight fiberglass placement resulting in the lightness you can feel.

– Australian pine on standing area for extra impact resistant and rigidity.

Construction / Technology

Based on its amazing lightweight and strength, Starboard have expanded the Carbon Top technology offering to include the Go, Waterline and Generation models.

Carbon Top features a full deck of Biaxial Carbon mixed with a protection layer of strategic lower weight glass placements. The intelligent light material mix makes the board light to carry, provides instant acceleration and top speed on the water, at the best value ever.


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