52foilco The Speedracer 5.1 x 22

Retail Price €850 / $945

Structure Rigid
Board Type Foil, Surf Foil
Volume 65
Length 5.1'
Width 22"
Volume 65L
Shaper Greg Closier

Available in lengths ranging from 3’4 to 5’10, the Speedracer is a little bomb! A generous outline and volume for a reduced length.

The lowered deck allows for more stability, provides more control in flight and during maneuvers.

The bevels rail, nose rocker and tail lift are optimized for maximum angle cornering and forgiving steering errors.

Round hull at the front to facilitate paddling and flat at the housings for a neutral position of the foil.

The increased buoyancy of this shape makes it more comfortable in choppy conditions.

Construction / Technology

High-end full carbon construction.

Each board consists of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam roll, covered with carbon / epoxy lamination, with high density foam reinforcements.

The advantage of EPS compared to a polyurethane (PU) is that at equal weight, it’s significantly more resistant. Above all, it has a larger memory of shape (compared to almost none for PU construction).

It therefore holds better in case of shocks and avoids the delamination of the laminated skin.

Carbon stratification provides great strength and rigidity for less weight than fiberglass.


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