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Date: 25th April 2020 - 1st May 2020


Event Overview

Organiser: DIT - Discesa Internazionale del Tevere
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Contact Telephone: +39 347 2439 715


What is the Tiber Tour?

The 41st TiberTour is a 7 days river tour for paddlers, cyclists, walkers.
Participants usually come from many European countries.
The TiberTour aims to promote sport, nature, tourism through healthy and respectful understanding of the environment; there is no competition.
The atmosphere of the TiberTour is joyful, but orderly.
All are welcome, but it will be best for those who are adaptable, able to go it alone, ready to help and kind towards others.
In sport, we always help each other, especially in the TiberTour.
Accompanying family members and friends can organise sightseeing and cultural tours to enjoy the interesting  surroundings.
The richness of the Tiber valley encourages visits of famous environments and towns (Perugia, Assisi, Deruta, Todi, Orvieto, Orte, …).

Program of the Tiber Tour 2020

As a general indication on the difficulty of the river for the daily stages:
25 April / WW 1-2(-3)  / 30km / Città di Castello to Umbertide
26 April  / WW 1-2(-3) /  30km / Umbertide­ to Pretola (Perugia)
27 April /  WW 1-2(-3) /  22km / Pretola to­ Sant’Angelo di Celle (Deruta)
28 April / WW 1-2(-3) / 13km / Attigliano to Orte
29 April / WW 1 11km / Orte to Otricoli
30 April / WW 1 26km / Otricoli to Collevecchio
1 May / WW 1-(2-3) 15km / Rome: Ponte Tor di Quinto- Ponte Marconi
2nd of May/ WW 1/ 30Km / From Rome to the sea

Event Details

For those wishing to participate to the TiberTour from the beginning or after the first stage, it is preferable to arrive the night before at the place of accommodation (preferably by 6:00 pm), so to have time to seek information, prepare and meet the group. Only as a last option you can arrive the morning of departure, preferably by 7:00 am (note that in the morning the phones of the organizers only respond to service calls).

In general, in the morning the 3 sports groups (paddlers, cyclists, walkers) depart from the place of the overnight stay at 8:00 am. By that time, you must have had breakfast and procured supplies for a picnic lunch.

In the transfer vehicle convoys, you must of course comply with the rules of the road (remember to refuel in advance!). In order to allow other vehicles to pass the convoy, to comply with the limits for speed of those travelling with trailers, and for reasons of road safety, the convoy travels at a reduced speed: usually 50 km/h on ordinary roads and 80 km/h on the E45 highway.

Coaches will provide a shuttle return service to the day’s departure point for drivers who have notify their car to the day’s arrival point.

Dinner is usually organized around 7:00 pm at local clubs and is full and generous. Generally we are able to satisfy the demands of vegetarian meals. Whoever does not do the all-in registration and wants to join the dinner must book the day before.

Overnight stays (with one’s own equipment) can be spent in covered structures, which may be very simple and sometimes without hot showers. These are kindly provided by the municipalities en route. It is normally possible to sleep in one’s own tent or camper, if wished.

The organization of a travelling sport event is very complex. Participants should keep in mind that, in general, the organizers cannot be responsible for individual needs (but try to help in emergency).


Paid by the 31st of March: 35 euro per day (total for the 7 days 245 euro)

Paid after the 31st of March and before the 15th of April: 40 euro per day

Paid on spot cash: 50 euro per day (however, the organisers reserve the right not to accept registrations after the 15th of April).

All participants need also to have a membership to the sport club ASD DIT (cost is 15 euro, 10 euro <16 years), so the membership fee needs to be added.

For the stage Rome to the Sea 2nd of May the cost is 10 euro; <18 y.o. free; please note that dinner and overnight stay are not included and you have to provide on your own (arrival will be in the town of Fiumicino).

Standard fee includes: guided descent, bus shuttle for 3 transfers (the 27th of April to go back to the start –Città di Castello- to pick up the parked cars); then for stages from the 28th to the 30st of April; and for the 1st of May). If you need other single day bus shuttle there is an extra 10 euro fee for day. Participants with campers or minivan (or in general participants that sleep in their own vehicle) are exempted from payment of this extra fee. Full dinner and drinks, overnight stay in common rooms (bulk accommodation with your own sleeping gear) or in your van.

Descent only: 20 euro per day if paid by the 31st of march; 25 euros after;
Dinner only: 20 euro per day if paid by the 31st of march; 25 euros after;
Accompanying person: 20 euro (includes only dinner);
People with disabilities: 20 euro (standard fee related services);
Aged < 18: 15 euros (standard fee related services)
Low income countries (contact organizers)

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