The 2014 Zazik Race Pro in Hadera, Israel

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One of the highlights of the SUP race season in Israel: the Zazik Race Pro League in Hadera. A 10k, by invitation only Stand Up Paddle Race which took place in Hadera, in northern Israel on November 29, 2014.

And a new format too! 10k divided in 10 x 1k lap. Every time the first paddler finishes a lap, a 2 minute countdown begins until the next lap. Paddlers that arrive within the 2 minute window continue on. The ones that do not are eliminated.

The Men's top performers were: 

1. Itzik Horesh
2. Liran Machlev
3. Yoav Omer
4. Yuval Botzer
5. Guy Barel

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