Surf a SUP Race Board: How To?

Robert Stehlik from Blueplanetsurf gives a few tips on how to do surf with a race board. Him and Jeff Chang from Wet Feet train a group of paddlers every week in Wai Kai, Hawaii. 
Surfing with a SUP race board is a great skill to have and helps a lot with downwind paddling, especially controlling your board, when it's going fast. It also helps a lot with balancing and it's also a lot of fun, since a race board allows you to catch longer rides you wouldn't be able to with a regular board, from outside the main wave areas. 
The key to surfing with a Stand Up Paddle Race Board is to walk on the board and move your weight back and forth.  Moving up when it's sloppy or during take off helps you stay on the board and when it picks up or when the wave is steeper make sure to move back to avoid the noise to dive in. 

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