Foam Rolling Exercises You Should Master

Foam rolling (FR) is a form of manual therapy that has become really trendy among some SUP racers, such as Virginie Samson. It helps with acute mobility/flexibility gains, performance augmentation and the optimization of post-workout recovery.

Part 1: Upper Body

0’10: Masses thoraco
0’15: Upper back
0’22: Upper back (stronger)
0’26: Quadratus lumborum
0’29: Lateral lower back
0’32: Latissimus dorsi
0’38: Pectoralis major and minor
0’44: Shoulders
0’49: Triceps
0’56: Biceps
1’06: Forearm
1’20: External rotators
1’25: Cervicals

Part 2: Lower Body

1’47: Foot elevators
1’52: Peroneals
1’55: Calves
2’09: Quadriceps
2’20: Hamstrings
2’23: Adds
2’30: Glutes


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