Connor Baxter on the Dirty Racing Incident with Kay Lenny at the BOP

The 2014 Battle Of The Paddle was the scene of an astonishing incident. Kai Lenny and Connor Baxter, two of the competition's favorites delivered an exchange of low blows while they surfed the same wave back to the beach. Kai Lenny slowly pushed Connor Baxter north and Connor replied violently cutting back the wave on Kai Lenny who deliberately grabbed Connor board's handle during his fall. It is difficult to say who really started and is most at fault, but what is for sure is that these two are both SUP icons and social networks have taken over the case judging the two protagonists according to the video images and the angle at which the case is presented. In the end, perhaps the most surprising thing is that neither Kai Lenny nor Connor Baxter have been bothered by the race director with the final outcome that we know, the victory of Kai Lenny. It seems there will be a before and after 2014 Battle of the Paddle in terms of race regulations. The SUPAA has decided to use the incident to study what new regulations need to be adopted to avoid issues of this kind in the future. 

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