Carolina Cup 2016 Chaotic Race Start – Let the Carnage Begin!

In case you missed the starting line of the Carolina Cup 2016, here is one of the rare footage of the carnage.  Go directly to the 4:09 mark to see the start of the race.

The video was shot by Paul Camarena.

Zane Schweitzer on the mike! Pressure is mounting.
0:18 – Larry Cain – black top, red arm band
0:34 – Annabel Anderson – fushia top, sitting on her board
0:37 – Travis Grant, Black hat, white top
0:40 – From right to left: Lina Augaitis, Candice Appleby, Sonni Hönscheid
0:42 – Connor Baxter – black visor cap, grey top
0:44 – Beau O’Brian, white sleeveless shirt
1:39 – Mo Freitas, black shirt, no hat
1:51 – Josh Riccio stepping forward
4:22 – Candice Appleby (blue shirt) and Annabel Anderson taking a big sweep
4:30 – Beau O’Brian, Travis Grant, and Connor Baxter up front
4:45 – Annabel Anderson central stage for 10 seconds
5:00 – Sonni Honscheid, black outfit for 10 seconds

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