Starboard Reveals its 2020 All Star !

Starboard released today their 2020 All Star board video featuring Starboard athletes Connor Baxter, Daniel Hasulyo, Michael Booth and Product Manager Ollie O’Reilly. The video is edited by Georgia Schofield, Starboard’s photographer and video editor.

Revamped Bottom Shape & Round Vee Double ConcaveThe main design novelties are a  revamped bottom shape with a round vee with double concave. The board is available in two lightweight constructions: Wood Carbon and Carbon Sandwich.

Here are the main advantages of the 2020 Starboard All Star according to O’reilly:

“The completely revamped bottom shape accelerates faster on the flat, responds better in chop and is more manoeuvrable in the surf. This allows the board to sit higher on the water forcing the board to lift faster with every stroke. It feels lighter to paddle, allowing you to conserve more energy. During sprints, the board accelerates faster, as it lifts and glides on a narrower planing surface. Upwind, it floats over chop easily without getting stuck, allowing you to keep a strong paddle cadence. Downwind it is faster and more responsive to manoeuvre and more forgiving inside the chop, as it’s less affected by the swell as it floats between bumps.”

Other key features :

New Concave Side Plane

Provides stability, acting like stabilisers similar to a trimaran.

New Nose Outline

Increases speed and acceleration (Only on 22.5″ and 23.5″)

New Nose Volume

Provides greater float and lift in flat water, allowing for faster acceleration. The added volume gives greater buoyancy and lift upwind and prevents nose-diving when paddling downwind. The pop and release allow the rider to maintain glide with a steady cadence.

New Nose Rocker

Allows for faster entry onto downwind bumps and added kick reduces nose-diving.

For more details on the new Starboard All Star, go to:

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