SMIK Spit Fire 7.10 x 28.5 PCP

Retail Price €1,700 / $1,950

Structure Rigid
Board Type SUP Surf
Volume 102
Length 7.1'
Width 28.5"
Volume 102L
Weight 7.1Kgs
Shaper Scott McKercher

The Spitfire’s ground breaking design incorporated the combination of speed, maneuverability and firepower. This made it a formidable fighter plane and a much loved British icon with its beautiful lines.

SMIK has adopted the name Spitfire, as these boards carry the same attributes. Beautiful lines that create powerful, tight turns that contain and project speed.

The Spitfire has evolved with some subtle changes that have made a considerable difference. Part from the new graphic look, the latest of these being the addition of a belly channel releasing out the tail which ultimately adds a little bit of release, or fizz to the back end of a cut back.

The hip in the outline is in between the feet, and the nose is pulled in just right, to make the board as agile as possible without compromising stability.

The rocker, a smooth continuous curve, combined with a single concave to double ending with a V in the tail and moderately fine rails results in a fast, driven high-performance ride.

Construction / Technology

SMIK’S production lay-up uses the highest grade materials to ensure light weights and incredible durability while providing the optimum flex and reflex response.

​CNC-cut EPS cores for maximum precision and accuracy

Full 5mm high-density PVC sandwich wrap hand laminated & vacuum-bagged for high quality and durability

Biaxial carbon rail frame to stiffen the board

Australian Pine wood standing area to prevent heel dents

Nose and tail reinforced against impact damage with additional biaxial carbon

The combination of the full PVC sandwich, pine wood and biaxial carbon in the right places ensures ySMIK’s SMIK board will still be feeling solid well into the future.


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