Yster SUP launches a new all-water hard board series for performance touring, long-distance & adventure paddling

Yster SUP, the premium Swedish SUP brand based in Malmö, has announced the launch of Basalty, a new all-water hard board series carefully handcrafted in the EU in basalt/carbon fibre and designed for performance touring, long-distance and adventure paddling.

In developing the Basalty Series, Yster SUP has taken its original trademark features – Speed, Stability and Directional Stability – and optimized them for paddlers who want to go fast and straight over long periods of time, often in all water conditions, on a board that provides the stability to keep them going. In essence, the ideal companion for adventurous paddlers who want to go farther.

The Basalty series further enhances Yster’s current board quiver of touring, long-distance, and adventure boards, cementing its reputation as a top choice for dedicated long-distance paddlers.


The Swedish brand has been gaining significant recognition in the world of endurance, adventure and long-distance SUP racing and continues to firmly establish itself as the go-to-choice for touring and expedition boards, solidifying its position in the industry with recent victories at Yukon River Quest and Yukon 1000.

Last year, the all-girl Dutch duo, Janneke Smits and Ella Oesterholt of Team Yukon SUPventures Ladies achieved tremendous success at the Yukon 1000, showcasing the prowess of the unlimited Yster ISUP 17’3”x 26” Linear boards. Continuing its winning streak, this year’s Yukon River Quest, a challenging 715 km, witnessed Göran “Gossa” Gustavsson clinching the victory in the SUP division on his Yster ISUP 14’x 28” Linear. Adding to that, the impressive victory in this year’s Yukon 1000 by the formidable riders Craig Sawyer and Scott Innes aka Team SHAC Yukon 1000, on their Yster ISUP 17’3x 26” Linear boards, was a remarkable triumph in the SUP class of the gruelling Yukon 1000 race.

Yster SUP Basalty: What’s new

The optimized bottom profile of the Basalty series is designed to provide stability, tracking and glide, making it perfect for long-distance paddling. The shape of the bottom profile creates a stable platform even in choppy conditions. At the same time, the profile is designed to reduce drag, allowing the board to glide smoothly and efficiently through the water with minimal deceleration.

With rider comfort at the heart of the designing process, the board comes with a Venturi-optimized drainage system that helps keep the cockpit dry and useful storage solutions that offer both ease of access and a waterproof option for riders’ most valuable items. The unique waterproof hatch in the cockpit is perfect for storing items that you want to keep dry.

The Basalty series is constructed using a composite of carbon fiber and basalt. Basalt is an eco-friendly option to traditional fiberglass, as it is a naturally occurring volcanic rock. It is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to moisture and UV rays. The combination of carbon fiber and basalt creates a strong yet lightweight board.

The Yster team has chosen a hydrophobic core that repels water, meaning it does not absorb water like traditional core materials or hollow boards. This is essential for long-distance trips as it ensures the board does not get waterlogged in case of a ding or damage.

Later in the year, Yster will be represented at SUP 11 Cities, Great Alabama 650 and the Last Paddler Standing (Yster was the official board of the 2022 event) adding to its ever expanding portfolio of the toughest endurance SUP races on the planet.

As the Sponsor of the upcoming Skrea Strand Paddlerace 2023 held on the 11-13 August, Yster SUP will showcase the Basalty line and the winning Yster Unlimited board at the event in Falkenberg, Sweden.

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