The Yster SUP Basalty Relaunch: Riders react to the new high-performance, all water touring board

From ultra-endurance wins and top performance at some of the most iconic SUP events (Yukon River Quest, Yukon 1000, SUP-11 City Tour, Last Paddler Standing) to kicking off their new venture, SUP Driven Expeditions, as Co-Founders,  Yster SUP, the premium Swedish SUP brand based in Malmö,  has reached another milestone.

TotalSUP caught up with Per Vallbo, Founder and CEO of Yster SUP, to chat about the newly relaunched Basalty, the high-performance all-water board series developed for touring, long-distance and adventure SUP and paddlers who want to go fast and straight over long distances, often in mixed conditions.

Hi Per, you launched the Yster SUP Basalty last year, and now it’s finally available. How has the SUP community reacted to the launch?

The relaunch of the Yster SUP Basalty has sparked huge excitement within the long-distance. endurance and adventure SUP community. It is a unique board designed specifically for all-water long-distance adventures.

The first thing that people who tried it for the first time noticed is the stability. Typically paddlers handle narrower Basalty boards that compared to the boards they are used to. So, if they are used to a 26” board they will handle a 24″ without a problem. And the same goes for the 22.5” when they’re used to a 24”.

Then after taking the board for a ride they comment on the glide and tracking – how straight it goes. That is music to my ears because that’s exactly what it is designed for.

What was the key driver to develop this board model?

The Basalty series fills a gap in the market. It is designed for those paddlers who want to go fast and straight over long distances, on a board that provides the stability to keep them going.

What are the key features that make the board stand out?

The board’s stability in messy water conditions has been a point of praise among users. Its distinctive shape and volume distribution offers exceptional stability for its width yet a fantastic glide through the droplet shapes outline. This feature that are essential when going over long distances.

One of the standout features of the Yster SUP Basalty is its innovative hatch for storing essentials during paddling sessions. Whether it’s storing a mobile phone, key fobs or an extra T-shirt, the hatch provides a secure and easily accessible storage solution that enhances the overall paddling experience for those who want to go far on their boards.

The Yster SUP Basalty is also compatible with the Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bag 60 that hooks straight into the board without the need for bungee cords or straps.

We saw Martin Hunter competing on it at last year’s Skrea Strand Paddlerace x the Swedish National Championship long distance race with a great result in gnarly choppy waters. Both Göran ‘Gossa’ Gustavsson and Craig Sawyer, raced it during the SUP 11 Cities non-stop, a 207km race. Also, Ida Djurström at the ESF Euro SUP in Portugal. Was racing also in your mind when designing the board?

It is versatile enough for both racing and performance touring. After Martin’s victory in the Swedish National Championship’s long-distance race in the Master class in August 2023 on his Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Basalty he made this comment on the boards performance:

“It was stable enough in the horrible conditions to be able to maintain a good steady pace, tracking really nicely in the side waves! Normally you would need to only paddle on one side in such conditions, but I was able to paddle on both! An excellent all water board! The volume in the nose meant that it popped up nicely on the way out though the waves, and didn’t get that stopped feeling you get from a lot of other boards! Surfing the waves on the way in was great, as soon as you felt the nose dropping into the waves in front it was just to step back and enjoy the ride! The glide was great, and to catch the waves was a simple matter!”

Martin Hunter | Photo source: Skrea Strand Paddlerace

Also, Craig Sawyer shared his experiences after finishing the 207 km of the SUP 11 Cities non-stop tour in 33 hours, 27 minutes and 7 seconds:

“I needed a board that would deal with the unpredictability of the lakes, where wind swell and boat traffic could result in large waves and chop, but still cut through the flat waters of the canals while remaining comfortable for such a long time paddling without getting off the board.
The board performed flawlessly; on the first lake, we had wind swell from the right and rough waters coming from the left due to boat traffic – the board handled each irregular bump with ease, and I was able to continue powering through the swell in the direction I needed to go without having to change course to deal with the bumps.

When I was on the flat canals and rivers, the board cut through with ease, with minimal release from the tail. I could maintain a steady, low cadence, essential for an ultra-challenge like this, and make the most of the board’s natural glide. There was plenty of room to move around in the cockpit too, allowing me to adjust my stance and feet positioning to help keep the blood flowing and prevent cramping.

Regarding storage, there was ample space for a dry bag in front of the standing area, and if needed, I could have placed a bag behind me. It’s also amazing that this is one of the first boards I’ve come across featuring a watertight storage hatch in the cockpit. It’s perfectly sized to fit a phone and keys, and it’s also large enough to hold a can of beer if you were on a more relaxed paddle!”

Craig Sawyer | Photo by Edwin Westra

Versatility, you said – Martin, Göran, Craig and Ida’s experience prove that the all-water Basalty is a highly versatile board performing in all conditions from sheltered to messy waters and downwinding. How have you achieved that?

The board wants you to track straight: The shape, nose, rocker, rails, profile and volume distribution are designed to optimise glide, stability and straight line tracking. If you want a board for buoy turns and technical racing, keep looking, because this board goes straight!

Göran ‘Gossa’ Gustavsson | Photo by Tanja Ecker

Where can paddlers test the board?

Paddlers can meet us at Malmö Ocean Race. Also, we have fifteen test centres across Europe. Please visit our website and head over to “take a test ride” to check if a Basalty board is near you.

Currently, the Basalty series is not yet available in USA and Canada. If you are a distributor in the USA or Canada who is interested in cooperating with us, please let me know.

Thank you Per for your time and I can’t wait to test the Basalty in Malmo soon!

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*Images courtesy of Yster SUP

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