Woo OC Paddle Camp Guadeloupe: Experience the perfect downwinder in paradise

Warm, turquoise waters, constant trade winds from 12 to 20 knots and lots of perfect downwind runs – sounds like paradise? If you are excited about the 2021 Woo Outrigger Downwind Camp in Guadeloupe, sign up fast as spaces are limited. The camps run from January until February 2021.

Luc Cividino, who is one of the coaches in the camp and joined Woo in 2017, has answered the most important questions regarding the camp in this interview. To get even more info and inspiration, take a look at the brochure.

Who is the camp for?

Basically for everyone who loves paddling. If you’ve always dreamed of gliding fast over glassy waves, this camp is for you. Each week is designed progressively for different skill levels. If you are a beginner, sign up for the initiation stage from January 9 to January 16, 2021. We’ll first take you to calm waters and introduce you to outrigger paddling and downwind practice. After a few days, you’ll experience your first outrigger surf sensations and by the end of the week, we’ll take you to your first real downwind run where you’ll be gliding over endless waves. 

It’s also a great way to change crafts. If you’ve paddled V6 in clubs, you can work on your skills and experience what it feels like to paddle an OC1 in downwind conditions. Practicing OC1 and downwind paddling in a safe and supervised environment lets you progress fast and most people prefer it to starting off on their own. When you feel safe, you can relax and really enjoy the special ocean environment.

What if you are a more advanced paddler?

Yes! We have camps for experienced paddlers with almost endless opportunities to improve your paddling in great and sometimes challenging conditions. You’ll learn to navigate cross swell effectively and paddle long, fun downwinders. Technique lessons on land are also included. The improvement camp runs from January 16 until January 23 and again from January 30 until February 6, 2021. 

You also run race camps?

I was afraid you wouldn’t ask. Of course! Our race camps are dedicated to competitive OC paddlers who want to paddle 20 to 30 kilometers of downwinders each day in paradise and compete in local races. This is a great way to accelerate your progression and prepare for the racing season. This camp runs from January 23 until January 30, 2021. What’s extra special: This is the week of the famous Ze race and you’ll get to compete with accomplished watermen and -women.

What about SUP paddlers?

Absolutely. The SUP champions Sonni Hönscheid und Olivia Piana both paddle Woo outriggers. Paddling an outrigger complements the training on a SUP.  It is practically the same technique but the outrigger lets you feel the water in a different way. The canoe is a very good way to train while having fun.

Outriggers are perfect to practice downwind skills. Because of their speed and maneuverability, it is easy to catch and connect bumps so you can get a feeling for the moving water. If you want to improve your SUP paddling performance, OC paddling is definitely helpful. But more than that: OC paddling is pure fun. Gliding over waves and flying the ama is an incredible experience. If you’ve tried it, you’ll want to do it again.

How would you summarize the experience?

In Guadeloupe, we have perfect conditions. Wind, waves, warm water, beautiful bays and waterways and a rich cultural life. The ocean is our playground and we hope you’ll join us in January/February 2021. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other members of the Woo family from all over the world and share the passion for the ocean and for paddling.

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