This Weekend’s Results: SUP Armada, Maui SUP Cup Poi Bowl Race, Gorge Downwind Champs…

The SUP Armada (UK), the Junior SUP Race- EDT Top Loisirs (Tahiti), the Gorge Downwind Champs (USA), the Queensland State Titles (Australia), the SUP-Race by NASA (Denmark), Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series (USA), Flora-Bama’s Gulf Coast Paddle Championship (USA), Washburn Board Across the Bay (USA), the Supriviera (Switzerland), the Maui SUP Cup Poi Bowl Race (Hawaii) among others, all took place this weekend. Have a look at the results of these events.

SUP Armada (Bewl Water, United-Kingdom)

Men’s results:

Women’s results:


Junior SUP Race – EDT Top Loisirs (Tahiti)

Men’s results:
1. Keoni Sulpice
2. Teriitua Tefaatau
3. Tiavairau Chang
4. Tuki Tissot
5. Teavatea Wong
6. Thon Sing Revi
7. Tirao Tuhiti
8. Harrys Henere
9. Kainalu Lambert

Women’s results:
1. Leeloo Moeli Desanti
2. Haniarii Brillant
3. Vaihiria Temaiana

Gorge Downwind Champs 2017 (Columbia, USA)

Men’s results:
1. Bernd Roediger
2. Chase Kosterlitz
3. Ryan Funk

Women’s results:
1. Fiona Wylde
2. Hannah Hil
3. Angela Jackson

Queensland State Titles (Australia)

Men’s results:
1. Jake Jensen
2. Kelly Margetts
3. Beau O’brian

Women’s results:
1. Karla Gilbert
2. Susan Dories
3. Chloé Walkerdene

Sup-Race by NASA (Klitmøller, Denmark)

1. Mads Ring
2. Philip Hahn-Petersen
3. Nicoline Elisavetha Rasmussen
4. Morten Yde
5. Cathrine Korsgaard Yde
6. Casper Andersen
7. Lucinde Juul Albrecht
8. Moses Lovstad
9. Kristian Hegn Olsen
10. Lise Dannesboe
11. Marianne Kruse-Winther
12. Elizabeth McCall
Dirk McCall
13. Casper Steinfath

Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series #2 2017 (San Diego, California,USA)

Men’s results: 
1. Grégory Closier
2. Tyler Bashor
3. Paul Pianowski

Women’s results: 
1. Erika Benitez
2. Suzy Strazzulla
3. Jasmine Stiles

Flora-Bama’s Gulf Coast Paddle Championship 2017 (Pensacola, Floride, USA)

14′ Men’s results:
1. Chris Clodfelter
2. Zach Rounsaville
3. Darrell Horton

12’6″ Men’s results:
1. Gary Maddock
2. Brett McMasters
3. Mark Langlois

Washburn Board Across the Bay 2017 (Washburn,Wisconsin, USA)

Maui SUP Cup Poi Bowl Race (Hawaii)

12’6 results:

14′ Men’s results:
1. Bernd Roediger
2. Josh Riccio
3. Craig Winnett

14′ Women’s results:
1. Penelope Strickland
2. Annie Reickert
3. Kali’a Alexiou

Open Men’s results:
1. James Casey
2. Connor Baxter
3. Kody Kerbox

Open Women’s results:
1. Annabel Anderson
2. Andrea Moller
3. Devin Blish

Supriviera (Switzerland)

Men’s results: 

1. Olivier Ruedin
2. Olivier Gentsh
3. Stéphane Guillermin
4. Ali Bachir Chérif
5. Benjamin Dupont
6. Jonatan Bussard
7. Patrick Klaus
8. Valentin Grandjean 

Women’s results: 

1. Laetia Hess
2. Fabienne Kohler
3. Mélinda Pereira
4. April Gabriel
5. Sylvie Gabriel
6. Leila Gharbi
7. Méris Rapin


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