This Weekend’s Results: San Sebastian Paddle Tour, The Lost Mills, OXBOW Lacanau SUP Challenge…

One more great Stand Up Paddle weekend! Between the San Sebastian Paddle Tour, the Lost Mills, the OXBOW Lacanau SUP Challenge, the Viking Beach Race CUP, the ISA Team USA Tryouts, the Starboard Zinkwazi 10km SUP Race, the Soundsurfer Waterman’s Challenge and the Norfolk UK SUP, there was certainly no chance of getting bored!

The Lost Mills (Germany)

Men’s results:

1. Steve Teihatotataa
2. Enzo Bennett
3. Georges Croensteadt

Women’s results:
1. Sonni Hönscheid
2. Lena Ribeiro
3. Petronella van Malsen

Norfolk UK SUP

Men’s results:
1. Ducan Slater
2. Matthew Wall
3. Peter Stubberfield

Women’s results:
1. Joanne Hamilton-Vale
2. Stef Kerek
3. Belinda Smith

ISA Team USA tryouts (California, USA)

Technical Race:

Male riders qualified:
1. Giorgio Gomez
2. Ryan Funck

Female riders qualified:
1. Candice Appleby
2. Jade Howson

SUP Surf:

Male riders qualified:
1. Giorgio Gomez
2. Sean Poynter

Female riders qualified:
1. Izzi Gomez
2. Emmy Merril

Long Distance:

Male riders qualified:
1. Noa Hopper
2. Slater Trout

Female riders qualified:
1. Candice Appleby
2. Fiona Wylde

OXBOW Lacanau SUP Challenge (Lacanau, France)

Men’s results:
1. Martin Vitry
2. Jérémy Teulade
3. Ludovic Teulade

Women’s results:
1. Hélène Bonnan
2. Christel Luçon
3. Agathe Rodier

San Sebastian Paddle Tour (Spain)

Men’s results:
1. Michael Booth
2. Connor Baxter
3. Bruno Hasulyo
4. Titouan Puyo
5. Trevor Tunnington

Women’s results:
1. Olivia Piana
2. Susak Molinero
3. Seychelle Hatting
4. Susanne Lier
5. Cyara Palenzuela

Viking Beach Race CUP (Carolles, France)

Men’s results:
1. Grégoire Vitry
2. Matthieu Thiolet
3 Pierre-Alain De Bois et Christophe Ly

Women’s results:
1. Valérie Vitry
2. Flavie Falaize
3. Anais Guyomarc’h

Starboard Zinkwazi 10km SUP Race (South Africa)

Men’s results:
1. Dylan Frick
2. Kimon Dos Santos
3. Tom King and Mat Swemmer

Women’s results:
1. Jackie de Billot
2. Danika Bartho
3. Charlot Atherton

Soundsurfer Waterman’s Challenge (Connecticut, USA)

Men’s results: 
1. Jeremy Vaine
2. Maxim Poulin
3. Jack Ballard

Women’s results:
1. Stephanie Shideler
2. Evelyn O’Doherty
3. Michelle Currier

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