This Weekend’s Results: The Maui2Molokai, The Bridge2Bridge Paddle, The V Sieravuori SUP Masters…

The Maui2Molokai, the Alps SUP, the Bridge2Bridge Paddle, the Up North Standup Paddleboard Classic, the San Clemente Ocean Festival and the V Sieravuori SUP Masters, among others, all took place this weekend. Have a look at the results of these events.

Maui2Molokai (Hawaii)

SUP Open Men’s results:
1. Connor Baxter
2. Travis Grant
3. James Casey

SUP Open Women’s results:
1. Annabel Anderson
2. Andrea Moller
3. Penelope Strickland

SUP 14′ Men’s results:
1. Bernd Roediger
2. Josh Riccio
3. Alexandre Bicrel

SUP 14′ Women’s results:
1. Annie Reckert
2. Kali’a Alexiou
3. Victoria Burgess

Alps SUP (Joux Lake, Switzerland)

10 Km Men’s results:
1. Nick Crettnand
2. Olivier Comazzi 
3. Mitch Schnitzbauer

10 Km Women’s results:
1. Micheline Hauchecorne
2. Tanja Ecker
3. Françoise Denais

6 Km Men’s results:
1. Stéphane Guillermin
2. Wolfgang Guetg
3. Cédric Gachet

6 Km Women’s results:
1. Marie Théraulaz
2. Jocelyne Dinten
3. Emilie Piffeteau


Bridge2Bridge Paddle (Darlings Island, Canada)

Up North Standup Paddleboard Classic


V Sieravuori SUP Masters (Finland)

Men’s results:
1. Marcus Hansen
2. Christian Andersen
3. Martino Rogai
4. Norman Weber
5. Arvis Iljins
6. Belar Diaz
7. Peter Weidert
8. Andreas Svensson
9. Thomas Lelovits
10. Eric Tehler
11. Thomas Fagerström
12. Paul Mikkonen
13 Joel Mikkonen
14. Lauri Palmroth
15. Jacob Westman
16. Ville Vihmari
17. Jarmo Rantala

Women’s results:
1. Susak Molinero
2. Noelani Sach
3. Maya Persson
4. Emmi Prykäri
5. Julija Mihailova
6. Mia Pohtola
7. Elle Laakso
8. Sarah Weidert

Sant Clemente Ocean Festival (California, USA)

10km Men’s results:
1. Gregory Closier
2. Nicholas Scheel
3. Chance Fielder

10km Women’s results: 
1. Jade Howson
2. Shae Foudy
3. Lexi Alston
Sprint Men’s results: 
1. Gregory Closier
2. Dave Boehne
3. Keaton Rose
Sprint Women’s results: 
1. Shae Foudy
2. Jade Howson
3. Lexi Alston

SUP Race Grado

Noli SUP Race (Noli, Italy)

Long distance results: 

Sprint results: 

Men’s results: 
1. Paolo Marconi
2. Leonard Nika
3. Filippo Meira

Women’s results: 
1. Chiaria Nordio
2. Angela Fernandez
3. Ileana Lakafosi


Men’s results: 
1. Leonard Nika
2. Paolo Marconi
3. Filippo Meira

Women’s results: 
1. Angela Fernandez
2. Chiara Nordio
3. Sara Oddera

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