This Weekend’s Results: Malibu Downwinder, Agios Nikolaos On SUP, Olukai Ho’Olauléa, Caspe SUP Race

It was another great Stand Up Paddle weekend! We had great races all around the world, from Greece to Hawaii, from Spain to the USA. Take a look at our overview of the results.

Malibu Downwinder, California, USA:

Congrats to Toby Cracknell who wins the Malibu Downwinder on a 12’6 in perfect conditions. 2nd Giorgio Gomez also on 12’6. 3rd Ingo Rademacher on 14′ 4th Grégory Closier on 14′.

Toby winning at Malibu

2017 Agios Nikolaos On Sup, Greece:

Congratulations to Penelope Strickland and Leonard Nika for their wins at the 2017 Agios Nikolaos On Sup in Crete. Two Starboard 1st places and full Italian podium in the Men’s. RRD team mates and partners in crime Susak Molinero and Paolo Marconi rank both 2nd. A very unfortunate Ludovic Teulade who was aiming for the podium broke his paddle at K. 13, 2kms before the finish line.

Leo Nika: “The race was fun and hard…9km downwind and the last 6 was full up won’t with more then 30knots and waves against us but fortunately I did Carolina the week before so I learned from it and I didn’t make the same mistakes. The wind was so strong that I always thought that I will stop but I never give up and step by step I get close to the finish line I was stoked that I finish this race and even with a win!!”

Pea Strickland: “Mother Nature threw some extreme conditions at us today. I knew at the start that there would be no relief once we finished the downwind leg so the first hour was about conservation and the last 40 minutes was just trying to get maximum cadence and forward momentum in very difficult circumstances. Such a great race and atmosphere though and a bonus to take the win!”

1. Penelope Strickland
2. Susak Molinero
3. Susanne Lier
4. Catarina Stenta
5. Iliana Lakafosi

Podium SUP Greece

1. Leonard Nika
2. Paolo Marconi
3. Federico Esposito
4. Frangos Giorgos
5. Giordano Capparella
6. Martino Rogai
7. Jeremy Teulade
8. Claudio Nika
9. Prapas Alexandros
10. Paul Lenfant

Winner in Greece

Olukai Ho’Olauléa, Hawaii:

James Casey (AUS) and Annabel Anderson (NZL) win OluKai 2017! Not the traditional downwind race course due to weather conditions. Last year’s winner Sonni Hönscheid finished 2nd. 5-time Olukai winner Connor Baxter places 5th. Massive results for junior racers Ryan Funk (6th), Jade Howson (3rd) and Erika Benitez (6th) from The Paddle Academy and Kali’a Alexiou (4th).

Men’s top results:
1. James Casey (0:37:13)
2. Danny Ching (0:37:49)
3. Travis Grant (0:38:33)
4. Mo Freitas (0:39:42)
5. Connor Baxter (0:40:34)
6. Ryan Funk (0:41:03)
7. Josh Riccio (0:42:23)
8. Kody Kerbox (0:43:25)
9. Tyler Jaggers (0:43:38)
10. Riggs Napoleon (0:44:14)

James Casey finish line

Women’s top results:
1. Annabel Anderson (0:44:15)
2. Sonni Honscheid (0:45:13)
3. Jade Howson (0:51:21)
4. Kali’a Alexiou (0:52:32)
5. Andrea Moller
6. Erika Benitez
7. Annie Reickert

Olukai Annabel

Full results on:

Caspe SUP Race, Spain:

Congratulations to Pepe Oltra for his double win this weekend in both race and endurance race (24k) – interesting format: 2 races in 1 – as part of the Spanish SUP race circuit.

Men’s Race podium:
1. Pepe
2. Jurgi Zulaika (Starboard)
3. Miquel Roige (1st ever Infinity SUP SPANISH podium)

Men’s Endurance podium:
1. Pepe
2. Miquel Roige
3. Tomas Sanchez Vecino

Spanish SUP

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