This Weekend’s Results: Hong Kong International SUP Championship, Bic Leman Paddle Race…

Tom’s River Paddle Race 2017 (New Jersey, USA)

Men’s results:

Gun Island Chute Sup Cup (Montgomery, Alabama, USA)

Battle on the Bay 2017 (Maryland, USA)

Men’s results:

Women’s results:

The Colonial SUP Race 2017 (New Bern, North Carolina, USA)

Bic Leman Paddle Race (Sciez-Sur-Léman, France)

Men’s results: 
1. Joseph Gueguen
2. Philippe Lachenal
3. Cyril Garbous

Women’s results: 
1. Virginie Samson
2. Cécile Jan
3. Marie Dautruche

Mimizan Paddle Games (Mimizan, France)

Long Distance Women’s results: 
1. Mélanie Lafenetre
2. Nath Bonnan
3. Marion Idkowiak

Long Distance Men’s results: 
1. Titouan Puyo
2. Tom Villedary
3. Vincent Verhoeven
4. Alexandre Bicrel

Beach Race Men’s results:
1. Titouan Puyo
2. Alexandre Bicrel
3. Tom Villedary

1. David Pierron
2. Thierry Milani
3. Jean-Luc Arnaud

Beach Race Women’s results:

Hong Kong International SUP Championship (Hong Kong)

Men’s results: 
1. Michael Booth
2. Wong Yu Him
3. Armie Armstrong

Women’s results: 
1. Kate Baker
2. Charlotte Spicer
3. Bailey Rosen

Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival 2017 (Chennai, India)

Men’s results:
1. Sekar Patchai
2. Vignesh
3. Rajsekar

Women’s results:
1. Vilassini Sundar
2. Tanvi Jagdish
3. Harshitha Achar

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