This Weekend’s Results: Bilbao World SUP Challenge, Euro SUP, Tarn Water Race…

One more great Stand Up Paddle weekend! Between the Bilbao World SUP Challenge, the EuroSUP, the North Shore SUP Cup, the Santa Monica Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival, the Tarn Water Race, the Guadeloupe Championship Ocean Racing, the Orange Bowl Paddle Championship and the Vuelta Ibiza SUP Magic Xtreme, there was certainly no chance of getting bored!

Bilbao World SUP Challenge (Bilbao, Spain):

Long Distance:

Men’s results:
1. Michael Booth
2. Leonard Nika
3. Connor Baxter
4. Trevor Tunnington
5. Mo Freitas
6. Bruno Hasulyo
7. Titouan Puyo

Women’s results:
1. Olivia Piana
2. Sonni Hönscheid
3. Seychelle Hattingh

Bilbao Euro Tour

Euro SUP (Peniche, Portugal)

Technical Race:

Men’s results:
1. Casper Steinfath (DEN)
2. Arthur Arutkin (FRA)
3. Titouan Puyo (FRA)
4. Leonard Nika (ITA)
5. Christian Andersen (DEN)
6. Filipe Meira (POR)

Women’s results:
1. Olivia Piana (FRA)
2. Laura Quetglas Garcia (SPA)
3. Nicoline Rasmussen (DEN)
4. Marie Buchanan (ENG)
5. Angela Fernandes (POR)
6. Susanne Lier (GER)

EuroSUP Technical Race

Long Distance:

Men’s results:
1. Titou – FRA
2. Arthur Arutkin – FRA
3. Leonard Nika – ITA
4. Casper Steinfath – DEN
5. Claudio Nika – ITA
6. Pepe Oltra SUP – SPA
7. Christian Andersen – DEN
8. Pau Ybarra – SPA
9. Filipe Meira – POR
10. Ruben Afonso – POR
11. Ben Pye – ENG
12. Jacob Westman – SWE
13. Valentin Illichmann – GER
14. Carsten Kurmis – GER
15. Jon Hjertstrom – SWE
16. Mark Hurst – IRE
17. Ross McGarry – IRE

Eurosup long distance podium

Women’s results:
1.Olivia Piana – FRA
2. Laura Quetglas – SPA
3. Angela Fernandes – POR
4. Susanne Lier – GER
5. Ginnie Odetayo – ENG

EuroSUP Long distance

SUP Surf:

Men’s results:
1. Benoit Carpentier
2. Pierre Rollet
3. Juan de los Reyes

EuroSUP Surf Men

EuroSUP Surf Benoit

Women’s results:
1. Iballa Ruano
2. Justine Dupont
3. Sofie Simonson

EurosSUP surf Fem

North Shore SUP Cup (Danvers, USA)

North Shore 14'

North Shore 12'6 women

North Shore 12'


Santa Monica Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival ( California, USA)

Men’s results:
1. Slater Trout
2. Toby Cracknell
3. Danny Ching

Women’s results:
1. Candice Appleby

Santa Monica Candice

Tarn Water Race (Gorges du Tarn, France)

Supcross (mixte):
1. Jeremy Laugerat
2. Gilles Lelievre
3. Ingrid Ulrich

Night Race men’s results:
1. Stéphane Leblond
2. Jeremy Laugerat
3. Gilles Lelievre

Night race women’s results:
1. Shara Dubeau
2. Ingrid Ulrich
3. Sandrine Genet

Tarn Night races

Long Distance:

Men’s results:
1. Stéphane Leblond
2. Jeremy Laugerat
3. Franck Siegel

Women’s results:
1. Shara Dubeau
2. Eugénie Le Matayer

Tarn LD

Guadeloupe Championship Ocean Racing (Guadeloupe)

Championnat Guadeloupe

Championnat Guadeloupe Podium Homme

championnat Guadeloupe Podium Femme


Vuelta Ibiza SUP Magic Xtreme (Ibiza, Spain)

Vuelta Ibiza

Vuelta Ibiza SUP

Orange Bowl Paddle Championship ( Miami, USA )

14′ Men’s results:
1. Tim Warner
2. Jake Portwood
3. Brad Ward

14′ Women’s results:
1. Rachel Ferguson
2. Jennifer Hulett

12’6 Men’s results:
1. Kieran Grant
2. Joey Huempfner
3. Oacket Casey
12’6 Women’s results:
1. Victoria Burgess
2. Maddie Miller
3. Ruiz Lizi

Alpine Lakes Tour

Alexis Fernet


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