This weekend’s results: WPA Paddle Championships, Thonon SUP Race…

It was another great Stand Up Paddle weekend! We had great races all around the world, from France to Spain, from Netherlands to the USA. Take a look at our overview of the results.

WPA Paddle Championships (Columbus, USA)

Long Distance- Men’s results: 
1. Chase Kosterlitz
2. Garrett Fletcher
3. Tim Warner
4. Jeramie Vaine
5. Fielding Pagel
6. Zach Rounsaville
7. Eric Bednorz
8. Jorge Quintana
9. Jeremy Whitted

Women’s results: 
1. April Zilg
2. Malissa Austin

Technical Race- Men’s results: 
1. Chase Kosterlitz
2. Garrett Fletcher
3. Tim Warner
4. Fielding Pagel
5. Jorge Quintana
6. Zach Rounsaville
7. Jeremy Whitted
8. Jeramie Vaine
9. Eric Bednorz

Women’s results: 
1. April Zilg
2. Malissa Austin
3. Michele Porter


Thonon SUP Race (From Switzerland to France)

Men’s results: 
1. Michael Booth (Starboard)
2. Titouan Puyo (NSP/QB)
3. Connor Baxter (Starboard)
4. Trevor Tunnington (Starboard)
5. Bruno Hasulyo (Starboard)
6. Leo Nika (Starboard)
7. Georges Cronsteadt
8. Vinnicius Martins
9. Federico Esposito
10. Mo Freitas (QB)

Thonon SUP Men1
Thonon SUP men 2

Thonon sup men podium

Women’s results: 
1. Sonni Honscheid (Starboard)
2. Olivia Piana (Starboard)
3. Seychelle Hatting
4. Susak Molinero (QB)
5. Amandine Chazot (Starboard)
6. Susanne Lier (NSP/QB)
7. Laura Bartl
8. Chiara Nordio
9. Maja Dziarnowska
10. Virginie Samson

Thonon sup women

Thonon SUP women podium


Men’s results: 
1. Trevor Tunnington
2. Claudio Nika
3. Marcus Hansen
4. Leonard Nika
5. Paul Lenfant

Women’s results:
1. Seychelle Hattingh
2. Sonni Hönscheid
3. Olivia Piana
4. Susanne Lier
5. Susak Molinero

Battle of the Coast (Zandvoort, Netherlands)

Men’s results:
1. James van Drunen
2. Kjell de Bruyn
3. Martijn van Deth

Women’s results:
1. Emma Reijmerink
2. Petronella van Malsen
3. Ella Oesterholt

Battle of the coast

Normandie Transpaddle (Caen, France)

Men’s results: 
1. Gaetan Séné
2. Nicolas Galiay
3. Grégoire Vitry

Normandie Transpaddle Men

Women’s results:
1. Valérie Vitry
2. Thomas Verity
3. Flavie Falaize

Normandie transpaddle women

Congratulations to Sebastien Le Meaux and Apehau TchinG Piou for they win in SUP Tandem, followed by Bastien Bonhommet et Pierre Adrien.

Normandie Transpaddle Race 2017 – Caen from Patrice Remoiville on Vimeo.

Guadeloupe Beach Race (Guadeloupe)



CTO España Maraton (Noja, Spain)

CTO espana

Pink Granit (Perros-Guirec, France)

1. Christophe Guérin
2. David Amemoutou
3. Maxime Bruneau
4. Romain Barreau

Congratulations to Marie-Elphège Julienne who was the only woman.

Pink granit


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