Wattsup Lined 10’2: Ultra-compact inflatable paddleboard with a new Clip & Roll system

Wattsup, a French watersport brand, has revealed the latest addition to its inflatable SUP quiver – Lined 10’2 – a lightweight, ultra-compact paddleboard with an innovative Clip & Roll folding system. Looking for a paddleboard that you can take everywhere this Summer? With practicality at the heart of the designing process, the Wattsup Lined may be just that one!

The main new feature of the Lined 10’2” board is the innovative Clip & Roll system which allows to fold your SUP in three simple steps: Fold, Clip, Roll.

Wattsup Lined 10’2 – Fold it

The smart design allows to fold the Lined board easily in half along its length: There are no elements in the middle of the board and the pad is divided into two parts with the valve and the handle placed off-centre. To make folding even easier, the Lined has two twin fin boxes instead of a single central fin.

It is also equipped with two elastic and clip-on straps arranged vertically to create a light system that does not run through the middle of the board.

Wattsup Lined 10’2 – Clip it

Once it’s folded, you will see that the clips on the rails keep the board tight and compact and prevent it from unrolling.

Wattsup Lined 10’2 – Roll it

With the Lined folded and ‘clipped’ you can start rolling it. The Lined has several white markings that indicate how to roll the board to make it as compact as possible.

Wattsup Lined 10’2 – Technical specifications and accessories

Thanks to its unique foldable design, the LINED is 30% lighter than traditional paddleboards, allowing you to carry it easily wherever you go. The Lined weighs only 9.3 kg. The brand also delivers on its 30% promise: 30% lighter, 30% stiffer and 30% more compact. There’s no need to worry about size or weight restrictions as it folds and rolls easily to fit in a compact bag.

The Lined comes with a leash D-ring, a neoprene carrying handle and two elastic, adjustable straps to carry cargo. The Lined is also supplied with a strap that can be clipped onto the loops of the Clip & Roll system and serve as a carrying strap on both sides of the board.

The Lined pack comes with a paddle, leash, pump, repair kit and a compact carrying bag. The bag is more of a size of a backpack rather than those wheeled paddleboard bags riders were used to.

When it comes to technical specifications, at 310 x 84 x 15cm (10″2’x33″x6″), the Lined is designed for a maximum load of 115kg. It’s a stable and maneuverable board but also user-friendly and responsive thanks to its touring shape and twin fins.

The Lined is suitable for both beginner and advanced paddlers who are looking for a cost effective board that takes up very little space – Gear ideal for travelling, short daily SUP sessions or introducing family and friends to the sport.

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*This is a translation of the original article by Laurie Montagner

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