Watermana 2018 – Follow the toughest Waterman competition in the world

Welcome to Huahine, French Polynesia for the 2018 Watermana, one of the toughest waterman competitions in the world mixing endurance SUP, prone, open water swimming, va’a and many other surprise events! TotalSUP, official media partner of the event is bringing you daily video highlights and news from November 24th to December 2nd!

Watermana 2018 – 4th Competition Day – Adventure Swim, Va’a and  Rock Climbing Combo. Thursday Nov 29th

In the mens event French life saving coach Adrien Lambolez wins the Adventure Swim, Tahitian waterman Bruno Tauhiro wins the Va’a Hoe sprints. In then womens event Manue Bescheron wins it all.

Watermana 2018 – 2nd Competition Day – SUP + Waterman Combo – Wednesday Nov 28th

This day saw 2 SUP Races of 7 KM each plus the Waterman Combo. The Tahitians win both SUP Races. Nuihiti Buillard won the 1st SUP race. Bruno Tauhiro won the second race. Jonathan Despergers and Adrien Lambolez dominated the combo. Ludovic Teulade became the overall winner of Day 2. Manue Bescheron remains the strongest women. Great performance by Marie Esnaola in the combo.

Watermana 2018 – 1st Competition Day – Prone + Life Saving – Tuesday Nov 27th

After picking up last year’s women’s winner Manue Bescheron at the airport in fashion, Tahitian waterman Tauhiro Bruno (425pro) took 1st place in the prone event. John Despergers won the lifesaving contest that entailed a mix of 100 jump ropes and 50 push-ups. Manue Bescheron won both events! Slater Trout surfs boat waves and  then Melvyn Mouret does a backflips from 6 meters. What a crazy day!

Watermana 2018 – Fun Day – Monday Nov 26th

This was the preview day with a full morning coaching school kids around the #NoIceinParadise anti-drug campaign. Then it was over to the Big SUP, SUP and plank contest. Joseph Gueguen won the SUP race and Melvyn Mouret stormed in the plank contest (16 minutes). Both were the strongest of the day

Watermana 2018 – Preview 2 – Sunday Nov 25th

Fun times in Huahine, while the last participants arrive in Fare, the island’s main town.

Watermana 2018 – Preview 1 – Saturday Nov 24th

2 days to go before the KXT Watermana and 25 athletes from France, Spain, USA and Tahiti are making their way to the island of Huahine in French Polynesia – Daily reporting by TotalSUP – Stay tuned!

Watermana 2018 – List of (known) events

The Watermana will take place in the week beginning 26th November and over 6 days!
Monday 26th November: Warm UP event (Testing of athletes land and water abilities)
Tuesday 27th November: Da Kine Prone Paddleboarding 24 KM
Wednesday 28th November: Virus Waterman Combo
Thursday 29th November: KXT Swim Series, Stop and Go 10 KM
Friday 30th November: 425pro SUP series 44 KM
Saturday 1st December: Watermana 44 KM Va’a Hoe Stop and Go*

*The Va’a race on Saturday 1st December will not count towards individual athletes rankings for the Watermana 2K18. The race is open to all, including non Watermana competitors. The registration is 2 000 xpf, and includes a race shirt and meal is including in the fee. There will be Va’a boats available in Huahine for the watermen athletes who wish to participate in relay formatfor this race. Watermana athletes that wish to do the race individually must arrange to ship their V1.

The Va’a Hoe Programme 
Starts 8 am At Fare
Stage 1 Fare to Hotel Royal 7 KM
Stage 2 Hotel Royal to Hana iti 3 KM
Stage 3 Hana iti to Parea 7 KM
Stage 4 Parea to Motu Topati 10 KM
Stage 5 Motu topati to Fare 17 KM

Participating athletes

Deon Lourens (USA), Jurgi Zulaika (SPAIN), Florent Dode (FRANCE), Slater Trout (USA), Niuhiti Buillard (TAHITI), Karine Dormet (FRANCE), Amaury Dormet (FRANCE), Damien Troquenet (TAHITI), Henere Harrys (TAHITI), Olivier Darrieumerlou (FRANCE), Solène Darrieumerlou(FRANCE), Melvyn Mouret (FRANCE), Erwan Le Léannec (FRANCE), Jonathan Despergers (FRANCE), Ludovic Teulade (FRANCE), Paul-Conrad Delaere (FRANCE), Joseph Gueguen(FRANCE), Maeva Hargrave (TAHITI), Médéric Berthe (FRANCE), Sandrine Berthe (FRANCE), Marie Esnoala (FRANCE), Adrien Lambolez (FRANCE), Manue Bescheron (FRANCE), Bruno Tauhiro (FRANCE).

Event sponsors

Air Tahiti Nui, 425Pro, Tahiti Tourisme, Powerade, Dakine, Virus, Oakley, Fai Va’a

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