Board Review: Uone Wanderer Inflatable SUP 13’2″ x 29.5”

“We released the Wanderer 13’2″ x 29.5” iSUP in response to a growing market need in the recreational inflatable board range. Paddlers switching from their allround boards are looking for new, exciting touring boards with a fairly large standing area, that will allow them to go faster and paddle longer distances. The Wanderer model has been introduced to all adventurers out there who not only have SUP in their blood, but also the passion to explore,” said Hubert Tobis, Founder and Director of Uone, a premium Polish stand-up paddleboarding and watersport brand specialising exclusively in inflatable boards with strong focus on safety, user-friendliness, sustainability and circular economy.

TotalSUP caught up with Faustyna Andrzejak, a Polish SUP rider, Instructor and a Dragon Boat crew member, who swapped her usual flat water 14’0″x 23″ race board for the Uone Wanderer iSUP 2022 model.

First impressions

Transition from an allround board to a touring SUP can be a gripping, eye-opening and sometimes an unexpected experience for paddlers wishing to progress on their stand-up paddleboarding journey. It was fun to switch my hard board for an iSUP and see what the latest trends and solutions are.

The first thing you notice is a slimmer, more streamlined outline which seems to be inspired by some of the more high-performance board shapes. It’s an elegant looking board with well balanced colours that can appeal to majority of riders. There’s a premium feel to the way handles and other elements are finished which indicates a good attention to detail.

Weight and Volume

This board is around 304 litres so there’s plenty of volume for heavier paddlers. For those with a smaller frame, the Wanderer is surprisingly manoeuvrable and very responsive to turns. Built in a solid, double layer dropstitch ULT technology, you can feel its weight when carrying it but the board sits really well on the water.

The Outline Shape

The Wanderer has a slim shape outline with a wider but balanced midsection which working well with the fairly narrow nose (not as sharp as some touring/racing iSUPs) and square-ish tail. There’s a slight rocker in the shape of the nose which allows the board to handle bumps smoothly. This board seems to be designed with speed and glide in mind and can potentially suit more seasoned paddlers but can also allow intermediate riders to progress faster.

Standing area

One of the cool features of the Wanderer is its fairly smooth deckgrip. The rubber surface is less pronounced which I like as some of inflatable boards have pads with a quite sharp grip pattern which you can feel under your feet after a longer session. You can comfortably stand with your feet wide apart. There are also three additional grip straps which come handy when you go far back for your buoy turns.

Bungee storage / cargo system

There’s plenty of space for your cargo. This model offers two adjustable bungee straps with a really generous size of the bungee to the nose of the board. You could easily fit a big backpack there or large waterproof bags. There are also additional carry handles on both sides of the board which make it easier to get the board out of the water and transport it – especially if there are portage points on your journey.

Stability and Tracking

This board is designed for speed and long-distance paddling which competent riders will appreciate. Those transitioning from an allround board may find it at the beginning a bit wobbly due to its streamlined, narrow outline but they will not “outgrow” this board which is what happens with allround models. That initial feeling of wobbliness is compensated by glide – there’s very little drag and the board just goes and tracks really well in a straight line.


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Inspired by high-performance or even race designs, this board is more challenging than most of the touring boards I have tried in terms of stability but it’s compensated by the glide and tracking. For the board of this size, Wanderer is surprisingly fast! It’s a consistent, cruiser iSUP that stronger paddlers could easily use in a racing format or long-distance competitions.

Technical specification

• Design: Carbon fibre sandwich
• Length: 13’2 (401 cm)
• Width: 29.5 (75 cm)
• Height: 6” (15 cm)
• Volume: 304 litres
• Weight: 11.5 kg (est)
• Fin box: Standard single US fin box
• Max rider weight: 110kg
• Warranty: 3 years
• Accessories: The board comes with a large backpack, double chamber air pump, repair kit, leash and a paddle

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*All photos courtesy of Faustyna Andrzejak / Credit: Iwona Styperek 

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