Uone Voyager 12’6″ board review: The Alpine SUP Trip with Wioletta Makles

27 Nov 2023

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With an active network of Brand Ambassadors and a loyal SUP community successfully built around the brand in Poland, Uone‘s boards reach stunning destinations, stories are shared and product knowledge is passed on.

TotalSUP caught up with Uone Brand Ambassador, Wioletta Makles, to chat about her dreamy SUP trip to the stunning Alpine lakes, Eibsee and Plannsee, and her board of choice, Uone Voyager 12’6″.

Hi Wioletta, welcome to TotalSUP! Could you tell us about discovering Uone brand and how your collaboration started?

From the very start of my SUP adventure I was looking for a good quality board as I knew that it wasn’t a temporary fad but a real passion that would stay with me for the years to come. I tried many different brands and during one of our SUP hang-outs with the girls I had the opportunity test a Uone board. I think it was the Uone Wanderer 13’2″ x 29.5”. A huge advantage is the fact that it’s a Polish brand with the possibility of servicing boards on site, right here in Poland.

That convinced me. I don’t remember who contacted whom first, but I was happy to collaborate with the brand, because the quality of their boards is very high and I can wholeheartedly recommend them. I’ve been riding different Uone boards for a few years now and none of the models have ever let me down.

You’ve built an impressive SUP community around your passion, where many riders use Uone boards. Why do you think Uone is such a popular SUP brand in Poland?

A cool thing that Uone has introduced on top of their classic models, are their budget boards. This means that people who can’t invest right away in more expensive equipment or simply don’t want a high-end board at the beginning of their SUP adventure, they can buy a slightly cheaper board which in terms of quality are still ticking the box.

I’ve also kept repeating when chatting with people who are looking for boards,that Uone has its headquarters in Poland. This is an important aspect because if a board needs to be serviced, repaired or replaced – it can be done instantly.

Uone’s customer service and communication is top level. Seriously, it’s very important to me. I used to work with a foreign brand and unfortunately its weak point was poor communication which could lead to problems with possible complaints.

The repair process took a very long time. I’m not the kind of person who’d recommend boards just to profit of it. I want the people I paddle with to trust me when asking me for advice which board to buy, they are satisfied with the equipment they choose. I’ve never had any negative feedback after recommending a Uone board and even when something was happening with the board, it was either quickly repaired or replaced with a new one.

You’ve recently fulfilled your dream of exploring Alpine lakes on a SUP board and took your Voyager board with you. Why this model and how did it perform on glacial lakes?

An expedition to the Eibsee lake has been my dream for several years. Ever since I’ve started paddleboarding, I’ve always wanted to go there. My team and I have made a couple of attempts but something always cropped up or the weather thwarted our plans. It worked this time and it happened spontaneously. Thanks to my fellow rider Gosia and her husband Maciej, I had the opportunity to paddle in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

I love mountains – so this place is really a dream come true, where I can combine my two passions: mountain hiking and SUP. This time it was an ultra-short trip so we only managed to go for a paddle but I will definitely come back to stay for longer so I can explore the mountain trails as well.

I first tested the Voyager model a year ago in Łagów. This is a board that was added to Uone’s quiver in 2022, so it’s quite fresh. Voyager is a touring board that is great for all-day trips, which is why we choose it. I knew I was going to spend my whole day on a paddleboard and I expected it to  be agile and fast. And this board just gave me that.

Voyager tracks really well which is ideal for SUP trips on lakes, but will also do well on rivers.  Despite the fact that it’s narrower than, for example, the Traveler (also from the Uone family), it provides nice stability but it’s also faster than the Traveler. This speed came handy on the second and last day of our stay, when we were pressed for time but wanted to paddle as much as we could on Lake Plannsee in Austria, so the return was fast and intense.

You’ve tested a lot of boards in Uone’s fleet – What makes Voyager stand out?

I’ve probably paddled on all boards from the Uone family. My favourite board is the Wanderer, mainly because of its speed and two sets of the bungee tie downs (front and rear of the board), but the Voyager stole my heart with its design. In my opinion, this is probably the most beautiful board in the entire Uone collection 😊 and you know – female paddlers do like the look of the boards they’re paddling. It’s also nice that the deck of the board is in darker colour so it doesn’t get so dirty, that’s a huge plus.

Uone Voyager: The quality of the finish

My first impression was the high quality of the finish, attention to detail and a great design. It’s a double-layer construction which makes the board more durable. The set includes a three-piece fiberglass paddle, leash and a fin for the standard US fin box system. The paddle has a fairly large blade and I’m personally a fan of it. What’s worth adding is that when you get a Uone board it comes with a waterproof backpack on wheels.

For me, as a person who often travels with a SUP, for example by train – a comfortable and solid backpack is essential. And last but not least – the pump. I’ve already heard great opinions about this pump from other users. Usually, manufacturers throw poor quality pumps to the set, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. The pump can be bought separately and if you don’t have it yet – I think it’s a must have for every SUP rider.

The weight

The board weighs 11.5 kg. When you have to carry it over a longer distance, you can definitely feel it therefore I recommend, especially for smaller users, a shoulder carry strap strap to carry, which works great then.

Stability and tracking

Voyager is 30′ (79 cm) wide, which is a bit narrower than classic all-round boards, which are usually around 83-84 cm wide. Despite this, for touring, it’s very stable and easy to ride on board.  I think that beginner paddlers will also be able to handle this board without any problems. The Voyager tracks nicely, is manoeuvrable and with more intense paddling you can “feel the wind in your hair” 😊

What do you look for when choosing a board and how does the Voyager meet these “requirements”?

As a person who has been paddling for several seasons – I usually choose a touring board. This is the type of board that gives me speed and the ability to ride freely all day long. That’s what Voyager gives me.

Is the Voyager a SUP board for everyone?

I think that paddlers who are just starting their adventure with SUP, but already feel they’ll get hooked on the sport – can easily decide to choose the Voyager board, mainly because of its stability. Personally, I started with an all-round and after two months I was buying a second board, which was a touring SUP so don’t make my mistake 😊 The recommended load for the Voyager board is 180 kg (max 360 kg), so a tall man can also consider this model.

Uone Voyager – Your veridct

In my opinion, the Voyger is a great choice. It’s touring board with a cool flair and a super slick design. One of the advantages is the deck covered with navy blue foam – so it won’t get so dirty.

I really recommend Voyager to everyone who wants to experience SUP adventures and enjoy good quality equipment for many years. With Voyager, I finally fulfilled my dream and paddled around the Eibsee and Plansee lakes. I didn’t feel tired after paddling for two days in a row thanks to not only the Voyager but huge amount of endorphins. In such wonderful places, the board simply glides a few centimetres above the surface of the water.

Uone Voyager – Technical specifications

  • Length: 12’6″ (381 cm)
  • Width: 30′ (79 cm)
  • Height: 6” (15 cm)
  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • Recommended rider weight: up to 180kg
  • Design: Double layer / ULT (Uone Light Technology)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Accessories: The board comes with a large backpack, double chamber air pump, repair kit, leash and a 3-piece paddle

Visit Uone at Halle 4.2, Booth 120 at the Boat and Fun Expo, held on the 30 November – 3 December in Berlin. 

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