Uone shares a sneak peek of the 2024 inflatable SUP board collection

1 Feb 2024

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Since our visit at the impressive new headquarters and showroom in Poznan, Poland, Uone, a premium Polish stand-up paddleboarding and watersport brand specialising exclusively in inflatable boards, shows no signs of slowing down!

TotalSUP caught up with Hubert Tobis, Founder of Uone, to follow up on our chat and check how current industry and economic trends impact the direction of the brand’s growth journey and design processes.

Hi Hubert! What can we expect from the Uone 2024 iSUP quiver?

The 2024 brings a lot of new stuff.¬† The designs of all boards that we have in our portfolio have been completely refreshed. We’ll be launching brand new Wanderers. There will actually be two Wanderer boards to choose from in 2024 with different graphic designs!

Expect new models of¬†Voyager, Traveler, Windsurf and Sprint, which we have already covered and reviewed with TotalSUP and which will replace the Viper model in our quiver. We’ve also made the decision to remove all allround models from Uone collection as in terms of sales, this is the board design that our customers, looking for premium products, are no longer after in recent years.

There will be also a proper shake up in our Super sub-brand as we’ll be introducing a new line, Super Light (there will be only one, 10’6″ model of the Super Light board) which means we’ll be launching new Super sizes, the 11’6″ and 12’6″. On top of the design changes there will be also a substantial upgrade of all gear with the Uone and Super logo.

With any purchase from the 2024 collection, our riders will receive a 100% carbon paddle, drybag, phone case, new backpack, new leash, the same proven pump and a flexible SaruSURF fin. Everything will come in an even more eco-friendly packaging as we’re getting rid off all plastic including the characteristic orange repair kit box.

In addition, Uone SUP boards will have the same rigidity but will weigh less – we’ve been working on reducing the weight through extensive testing carried out at the end of the 2023 season. Uone boards will come equipped with special PVC strips, a mixture of fiber which will stiffen the entire structure, on rails and the upper and lower surface in particular models.

The boards in the Super line will also see some tech advancements by having introduced the light version! They will come with a welded two-layer PVC material (MSL technology) on all surfaces (rails, deck and bottom). The Super board sets will also be characterized by a new, reinforced backpack although without wheels, a new leash, a slide in fin, the same manual pump that has been provided in 2022/2023 but with a completely new fibreglass paddle. We’ll also throw a drybag and a phone case to every set!

On the other hand, Super Light 10’6″ was created in response and in opposition to supermarket chains offering cheap boards. We wanted to introduce good quality budget boards with our own service! Technologically, the Super Light line is the equivalent of the Super boards from the 2023 and 2024 seasons, so with two layers of PVC material on the rails, one on the deck and one on the¬† bottom with a stringer going through the middle and reinforcing the board at the top and bottom.

In the package, the Super Light users will find a 2-in-1 hybrid aluminum paddle for both SUP and kayak, chair, backpack, pump, leash, a slide in stabilizing fin, and all this at a lower price than for example, that Lidl Mistral.

What influences the design of the new collection?

In the Uone touring board family, we’re introducing one, consistent wave motif, which you will find in the 2024 Wanderer, Voyager and Traveler board models. The Windsurf model, which is mainly aimed in our offer at SUP and watersport schools, will come with slightly more vivid colours inspired by surf culture.

The new Sprint model’s graphic design on the other hand, due to its sporty character, is inspired by racing cars. This is from where we drew the colour combination and sharp lines.

Uone Sprint 2024

What market trends impact your design decisions?

As you may have noticed, we’ve removed the allround model, Versatile, from our collection replacing it with a somewhat replicated Uone Wanderer model.

We’ve made this decision based on the increased interest of our customers in touring board designs and a decline in demand for wide, all-round models. In addition, we have introduced a¬† budget model, Super Light 10’6″, to our quiver, in response to customers looking for budget boards for strictly recreational purposes. We’ve noticed that this market segment has significantly grown recently.

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If would like to become business partners and part of the ‚Äěuhlan‚ÄĚ SUP family, get in touch with Hubert Tobis via email¬†¬†or telephone¬†+48 600 934 216

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