Yster SUP’s Amanda Bjurström: Introducing the all-new Yster ISUP 17’3”x26” Linear Paddleboard

Swedish brand Yster SUP have announced the newest addition to their ISUP family line. The brand new Yster ISUP 17’3”x26” Linear, the perfect long-distance touring board.

Yster SUP began as a mere concept in 2014, when founder and CEO, Per Vallbo, realised how few boards were designed for Northern waters and conditions. In 2016, that concept had become a reality, with Yster releasing their first board.

Yster, meaning “frisky and playful” in Swedish, create their boards with choppy waters and strong winds in mind. Their trademark long and narrow design allows them to cut through waves and glide along the water, offering paddlers a smooth ride in otherwise difficult conditions. Yster SUP boards are designed for touring and long-distance paddling, with its slimline build allowing for straight-line tracking and stability.

The latest addition to the Yster family, the Yster ISUP 17’3”x26”, doesn’t shy away from Yster’s values. An unlimited board, clocking in at 17’3” in height, stabilises itself with its narrow, 26” width, appearing sporty and smooth as it glides along the waters. Designed with touring in mind, the board comes with mounds of storage, allowing you to spend the whole day on the water, exploring your surroundings.

The brand-new ISUP has everything a long-distance paddler requires. Pace, power, and stability. TotalSUP spoke to brand ambassador, Amanda Bjurström, to discuss Yster SUP’s newest addition.

Hello Amanda! Please introduce yourself and tell us how you fell in love with paddleboarding!

My name is Amanda, I’m born and raised in a small village called Hjo located by the beautiful lake Vättern in Sweden. I’ve loved on the water since I was a kid. I was often on the shore where my grandpa had a fishing boat that we would go out fishing on together. I fell in love with paddle boarding when I was 23 years old, four years ago, when I had the opportunity to try it for the first time in Vättern. I was hooked straight away, and it didn’t take long until I bought my first board. I prefer to go long distance and go out on the water for leisure. I use my board as a multitool when I travel to places where only people with a boat usually have access to.

How did you become an ambassador for Yster and what do you like about the brand?

I wrote to Yster this year and asked if there was any interest in a cooperation and, as it turned out, there was! Yay!

I am glad to be a Yster brand ambassador because they make the best boards. Their stability, and ability to break through the waves is outstanding. They are also the most flexible boards on the market in terms of transportation, with all the handles and straps, and the backpack to carry it in allows you to find the more remote spots where cars struggle to get to. Finally, the paddleboards from Yster are aesthetically pleasing, making them very Instagram-friendly.

Please tell me about Yster’s brand new Yster ISUP 17’3”x26” Linear. How does this ride compared to other boards you have used?

The first thing you notice is the length of the board. The whopping length of 5 metres and 30 centimetres is massive compared to most boards on the market. It was bit scary to first walk on because it is slimmer than the boards I’m used to, but it has amazing stability for it’s narrow shape. It has a narrow tail, almost like a pintail, which reduces the drag and helps with the stability, too.

The length really takes straight line tracking to a new level. It travels extremely straight through the water, which is perfect for long distance touring or if you want a fast inflatable board for training. The integrated rail stringers make the board very rigid despite its length. For most conditions, you can inflate it to 20 psi, but it can be inflated up to 26 psi.

Once it is rolled up, it does not take up any more space than other ISUPs. So, you get the best of both worlds: a long, fast paddleboard, that can easily be packed and stowed away. I’m also a fan of the look of the board, that light blue color that flashes nicely in the water.

I would recommend the new Yster ISUP to someone who has tried and tested a few ISUPs and is after a board that tracks straight with a smooth glide. This board is unique in the sense that it is a true performance ISUP, without confining itself to the limitations of a race board. So, for those that who take touring, training, and long-distance paddling seriously, this is the board for you.

What is your favourite spot to paddle and what has been your favourite paddling adventure so far?

My favorite place to paddle is Djäknesundet, near Karlsborg in Sweden. That place is magical for SUP, so I recommend anyone visiting Sweden to go there! The water is crystal clear and surrounded by small islands.

One paddle adventure I really appreciated was in Stockholm, in Tumba. My boyfriend and I were paddling through beautiful nature, trees were growing like a tunnel around the river, and the water was perfectly still It was all quiet, just for the few birds that were singing. At the end of the river, it turns into a lake. We paddled a long distance over the lake and ended, of course, at a beautiful beach.

Do you have any future aspirations for your paddling and where do you wish to visit on your future paddling expeditions?

Hopefully it will be possible to fulfill my dreams this year, after two years stuck inside with Covid19.

I will bring my new Yster ISUP 17’3×26 to Gotland this summer and go for a long trip by the coast. Another big dream is to visit Norway and SUP in their breathtaking fjords.

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