Boothy Launches Coaching Platform!

Australian World Champion SUP athlete and Starboard paddler Michael Booth has ticked off some serious goals this year. He moved into SUP from other paddle sports at the end of 2014 and in this short time he has climbed to the top of the international professional field. Michael Booth has learned patience and persistence as key principles which has helped him reach where he is today. Self-assured and at the peak of his career, now is the time he feels ready to share with others all that he has learned.

Known as one of the most influential international SUP paddlers, Boothy is now making it part of his personal mission to help others in the sport become their very best. Now determined to inspire and encourage other paddlers to reach their full potential with the launch of his online training platform “Training by Boothy“. TotalSUP talks to Micheal Booth about the launch of his new online coaching initative.

Hi Micheal, What is the motivation behind the launch of the training platform?

After coaching many people over the past few years I have decided to engage more people by offering flexible online coaching programs, extending from basic skills to advance training packages, designed to develop with you so that you will continue to progress.

I truly believe that success and results come to those who put in work and stay committed to their goals. I am confident that with the right attitude and assistance, those who commit to my online program you will see positive results and improved outcomes. Using training principles and skills that I have learned over the years,  I will encourage and motivate you in your own personalised program, taking your paddling and racing to the next level. With determination and commitment driving my ambition to help others, I really hope to see the online programs improve the skills and performance of those who are following them.

The online programs are available for both SUP and Surf Ski training disciplines and will offer consistent support from myself right the way through.

How will the program be share?

The Platform is personally tailored to your needs. I will be sharing with you my 15+ years of training, coaching, racing knowledge and experience, guiding you in a step by step program and encouraging you to reach your full potential. You will receive online training application that helps me monitor your training via your Garmin and Strava accounts.

How can we get started?

For more information, costs and how to get started on your 2018 training program, contact me directly via the private coaching section on my website:

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