The Weekend SUP Recap – Titouan Puyo, Gabas Paddle Race, Trevor Tunnington and more!

A quick report on the events that took place while you were unplugged. Today we'll look at the results of the Gabas Paddle Race, Nicolas Jarrossay's Transatlantic SUP crossing, Trevor Tunnington in the newspaper (twice) and Titouan Puyo's victory at the Battle of Bourail.

Gabas Paddle Race, France


The Long Distance (12km) SUP Race of the event took place last Sunday around Pau in France. Florent Dode finished the race first on his 3 BAY paddleboard, a new custom SUP brand created by Patrice Remoiville (formerly BIC SUP shaper). Roman Frejo came second and Loris Minvielle third.

Full results available here:

Stand Up Paddle Transatlantic

Nicolas Jarossay arrived in Cape Verde last week and is now waiting for the green light of the customs to get his board and his gear. He should be able to pick them up today. The starting date for his journey will be the 5th or the 6th of April.

Trevor Tunnington on the local newspaper

Trevor Tunnington, the Australian SUP racer has been featured on two different local newspapers 2 days in a row!

Battle of Bourail, New Caledonia

The Battle of Bourail was a warm up event for Titouan Puyo. At home, the French rider won 3 different races.
In the 12″6' Beach Race Titouan finished first, 15 year old rider Clément Colmas came second and Jérémie Mandin came third.
In the 14″ Beach Race Titouan finished first, Arnaud Bouyé finished second and Alexandre Rouys came third.
In the 14' Long Distance Race Titouan Puyo got the first place, followed by Benoit Rivière and Alban Puyo, Titouan's brother!

Information and results here:

Hyères Boat Show SUP Race

Hervé Rota (14') win the local race organized around the Hyères Boat Show on the French Riviera. Denis Llorens, David Veillant, William Canali and 15 year old Jules Langlois, all on 12'6, follow.

(Photo: Frédéric Mu)
Full results here !

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