The 2016 Starboard Product Videos – All of them!

Once again, Starboard demonstrate they have the largest range of Stand Up Paddle boards on the market … and all the promotional videos that go with it. Here we go!

SUP Race

The 2016 Starboard All Star
This video featuring Connor Baxter proves that this year one board does it all in the SUP racing segment. 

The 2016 Starboard Inflatable Racer
Carbon rails on an inflatable? How much further can you with inflatables?


The 2016 Starboard 7'4″ x 25.5″ PRO
Who better than Sean Poynter, several times SUP Surf world champion to talk about two boards he has developed specifically to his taste with Mathieu Rauzier?

The 2016 Starboard 11'2″x36″ Avanti

Designed for larger SUP surfers – Rider: Scott McKercher

The 2016 Starboard 9'0″x30″ Converse

A great entry SUP surf board – Rider: Scott McKercher

The2016 Starboard Hypernut

Introducing Scott McKercher's baby, the Hypernut. Featuring Zane Schweitzer.

2016 Starboard Nut
Following the success of the 2015, here comes The Nut 2016

2016 Starboard 8'5″ x 30″ Pocket Rocket

Time to operate your transition to a shorter board? This is the Pocket Rocket

2016 Starboard PRO 9'0″, 8'5″, 8'0″, 7'7″

Rip it like Pros!

The 2016 Starboard 7’1″ and 7’4″ Pro

Featuring Pro riders Shakira Westdorp, Sean Poynter, Izzy Gomez and designer Mathieu Rauzier. 

The 2016 Starboard Wide Point Range

A large range of Wide Point boards for all sizes and skills.

The 2016 Starboard Whopper 10'0″ and Whopper 9'5″

Starboard's best-seller is available in two sizes. 

All-Round SUP

The 2016 Starboard 12'0″x33″ Atlas

The 2016 Starboard 11'2″x30″ Blend

SUP Touring

The 2016 Starboard Elite Touring

The 2016 Starboard Inflatable Touring

This board took Touring to Exploring with adventure SUP racer Bart de Zwart

Ocean Rescue

These mexican lifeguards demonstrate how the Ocean Rescue allows for faster interventions comparing 4 different rescue techniques. 

SUP Fishing

The 2016 Starboard Fishing Boards

Mathieu Rauzier introduce the full range of SUP fishing boards available this year at Starboard. Featuring Ollie O'reilly and Franz Orsi.

The 2016 Starboard Sportsman Fishing


The 2016 Starboard Bolt Blade

Starboard paddles go Double Concave! Featuring Connor Baxter and Zane Schweizer.


Now the geeky stuff!

Starboard Carbon Sandwich Technology

Starboard Blue Carbon Technology

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