Exciting team news from SUNOVA before the 2023 ICF SUP World Championships

Several members of the TotalSUP Team have boards from SUNOVA Surfboards and we are SUPer happy to share some big-name additions to the SUNOVA SUP Racing squad before the 2023 ICF World Championships in November. Team manager and top SUP racer Christian Taucher has all the SUNOVA news


Hi Christian, I hear you’ve been busy since our last talk! What’s new with Team SUNOVA?

Hi Chris and TotalSUP! Yes, we have some fantastic additions to our team just in time for the 2023 ICF SUP World Championships! 

That’s big news for a big event! Who should we be looking out for?

It is the biggest event of the year and I think the entire SUP community is eagerly anticipating the 2023 ICF SUP World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand, I am!  I am also very excited to introduce our new Team SUNOVA SUP Racers who will represent their countries on SUNOVA boards in this prestigious event. 

Susak Molinero – Italy

Image – Paul Ganse / EuroTour

Susak is a standout performer in the world of stand-up paddle racing. Her impressive career includes numerous victories and podium finishes in a range of international competitions. With a strong focus on technical skill and endurance, Susak’s dedication to her sport is unwavering. Her participation on the SUNOVA team brings an exciting new dimension to the lineup. 

Paolo Marconi – Italy

Joining Susak is Paolo, another Italian powerhouse in the stand-up paddle world. Paolo has consistently demonstrated his abilities in challenging conditions, earning him recognition on the global stage. His synergy with the SUNOVA brand is sure to be a formidable combination. 

Joep van Bakel – Netherlands 

Joep is a seasoned paddleboarder from the Netherlands, is a name synonymous with perseverance and passion for the sport. Not only is he an accomplished racer himself, but he’s also passing down his knowledge to the next generation. His sons, Mylo and Tije, will be representing the future of stand-up paddle under SUNOVA’s banner. 

Basti Grimm – Germany

Germany’s Basti Grimm is a force to be reckoned with in the stand-up paddle community. With an array of impressive victories to his name, Basti’s dedication to pushing the limits of his sport aligns perfectly with SUNOVA’s philosophy. 

Ondrej Petrak – Czech Republic

From the Czech Republic, Ondrej Petrak brings a fresh perspective and undeniable talent to the SUNOVA team. With his commitment to training and competition, Ondrej is a perfect fit for the brand’s vision. 

Those are some fantastic paddlers to add to The SUNOVA squad

Absolutely! These new team members represent a diverse and talented group of athletes, each contributing their unique strengths and experiences to the SUNOVA family. As they gear up for the ICF SUP World Championships in Pattaya, the paddle-boarding world eagerly awaits the performances of these exceptional athletes. 

Team SUNOVA board testing

For readers who are not familiar with these paddlers can you tell us what they will be focusing on when racing? And maybe what they have achieved so far in their SUP Racing careers?

Of course!

Susak focuses on technical races where she has had multiple international podium finishes.

Paolo is fresh from a fantastic European Championships in tough conditions and he excels in long-distance races. 

Joep will not mind if I say that he is a veteran in SUP racing, consistently competing at a high level and he will be helping his sons prepare for their races. 

Basti is a rising star in German SUP racing known for his sprint race prowess and consistent top finishes. 

Ondrej has been competing at the top level for several years and has a list of impressive finishes in European SUP races. 

And where do you fit into this squad, will you still be racing or are you concentrating on management now?

I have extensive coaching and race experience and have mentored and guided numerous athletes to achieve their peak potential in races and competitions and that will still be my focus. I will be helping the SUNOVA paddlers prepare for the ICF words and beyond with my training plans and commitment to improving their performance. I like to think that my plans have been instrumental in enhancing the skills and endurance of athletes I have worked with, enabling them to perform at their best when it matters most.

My role is not just administrative; it’s a hands-on commitment to making each athlete on the team better. My knowledge, experience, and passion for the sport will, I hope, play a crucial role in the success of the SUNOVA team at the 2023 ICF SUP World Championships in Pattaya. 

We are ready to make waves and leave an indelible mark on the world of stand-up paddle racing.  Let’s race! 

Sounds like a great combination, FAAST boards, a dedicated team and a great coach

Yes! The SUNOVA team is excited to see what the future holds with these talented individuals on board. With the 2023 ICF SUP World Championships just around the corner, we hope our supporters will see thrilling competition and incredible performances from this outstanding team of stand-up paddle athletes. 

The world will be watching SUNOVA’s new team members write the next chapter in their already impressive careers.

Thank you Christian for sharing your SUNOVA Team news with us here at TotalSUP. I think the entire SUP community are all eagerly anticipating the 2023 ICF SUP World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand, from November 15th to 19th, and the whole team here wish you and your paddlers all the best with the World Championships in November.

SUNOVA are one of the leading surf and SUP brands in the world with a massive range of boards and equipment, you can find out more about them on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles and see where the magic happens in The Board Factory. Don’t forget to keep up with SUNOVA here on TotalSUP.


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