Daniel Hasulyo Excited About Return to Taiwan Paddle Games!

The Taiwan Paddle Games are coming! Last year winners, the Hasulyo brothers put this event on the map. This year is the 2nd edition of the Taiwan Paddle Games (TPG) hosted by the Chinese SUP Sports Association takes place over the 4th and 5th May, with a whole range of race divisions are  for all ages and classes! TotalSUP talks to Starboard paddler Daniel Hasulyo about the TPG, and why he is stoked to be returning!

Hi Daniel, how did your season go last year?

2018 was one of my best racing seasons so far. After 4 years of hard work with  SEPA (Strength and Endurance Performance Academy) and by applying professional high performance endurance training to Stand Up Paddleboarding, I managed to win my 1st World Champion ISA title, in the long distance race and continue our family legacy with Bruno.  We are the 1st World Champion siblings in the history of SUP. I had to do this to catch up to my little brother hehehe and I am pretty stoked! Right now I sit in 7th place on the SUP world rankings and my goal is to conquer the summit of this mountain! I am happy with my preparation, confident going into the 2019 Racing season and will do my best to improve my results at every International Race.

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When did you hear about the TPG?

A little more then a year ago, we received an invitation from Maggie and Ricky (Starboard’s Taiwanese Distributor) to come and join the Taiwan Paddle Games. The name, the concept, their very professional approach to organization, plus the excitement of visiting a new country made it a very simple decision. We booked our tickets instantly, we were ready to rock at one of the Biggest SUP events in Asia!

Will you be going to the Kerama Cup the week after?

Yes, i have been there since their 1st edition, I love the location and the 18 KM long distance is a real gladiator challenge. Definitely among on my big favorites!

Why are you excited about the TPG?

Personally I can’t wait to be back in Taiwan to see all the friends and fans. Also to see their improvements that they have done within the past year, and obviously I really want to race in the new venue for 2019. I love racing in Asia and I’m looking forward to battle with many of the local and other International riders to defend my TPG Champion title.

I can only compare the atmosphere and level of excitement for SUP in Taiwan to New Zealand, they are truly inspirational. Taiwan is an island with some very cool beaches and they always have fun conditions! The waves were just the right size to make the event extremely fun but safe. Especially when having over 200 paddlers in several different categories, it really lit up the atmosphere both on the beach and the water. The paddle community in Taiwan feels like one giant family <3  . 

Where did the Tiki Skills idea come from?

At Starboard every Dream Team rider has to be able (or at least try) to paddle around the HQ’s Pool in Bangkok on our iconic TIKI Statue. It’s an ongoing tradition and pretty big challenge. I think it was time to extend this TEST to a bigger audience. The great thing is when trying this skill we we always end up rolling on the ground from laughing and sheer happiness. Not sure about the details, but totally sure it’s going to be a highlight of the event!

Will you be holding any clinics etc?

Yes, Master Class with Daniel Hasulyo, on the 3rd of May. I just heard from Maggie that all the available spots are taken, so possibly will do a 2nd edition the day after. I like the push the limits, have fun, mix extreme with professionalism and also combining the professional knowledge of SEPA with my personal experience. I’m really looking forward to help the Taiwanese SUP community to take their skills to the next level!

Can you describe Taiwan?

Land of Dragons! For real J Taiwan has a very unique landscape, with a high and roughly structured mountain range running across the whole island and soft sandy beaches welcoming on the coast line. They have a very interesting and tasty cuisine and a lot of special solutions in their infrastructure. I can’t wait to get back!

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