Sunrise Starboard SUP Yoga in Thailand

Starboard SUP Yoga Ambassador Kelly Huck took a break from her busy schedule in Corporate America to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate her mind, body and soul. Kelly travelled to a remote village in Chumphon, Thailand and met up with the Starboard Tiki team. Kelly shares her trip experience with TotalSUP.

(Photo Credit: Starboard)

One day as the sun was rising, Anfisa & I headed out for a sunrise SUP Yoga session. On top of the water everything was so calm and serene as if the rest of the world was still sleeping, yet beneath us there was another world full of thriving sea life. It was the perfect atmosphere to focus on my breath, the postures, and mindful movement.  Moving with my breath and staying focused on my alignment created so much space between my thoughts and I was able to let go of everything in the outside world that does not serve me while on the water. Being fully present in my body allowed for the most tranquil and meditative SUP Yoga session I have ever experienced. After an hour practice, my heart was more open than ever before and all of my senses were alive.

(Photo Credit: Starboard)

Can you describe your experience with the children of Chumphon?

The children from the village of Chumphon welcomed me with open arms, they were so excited for their first stand up paddling lesson.  After learning the basics we shared a playful yoga practice on the water together. Despite our language differences, we found a common language and it was spoken with smiles and lots of laughter. No matter a person’s age, language, religion, culture or background, the water and stand up paddling connects people around the world , much like yoga, a universal language we all share.

Sunset SUP Yoga in Chumpon (Photo Credit: Starboard)

The sunsets in Chumphon were spectacular. The sky was a brilliant display of colors, with variations of orange, red and purple. The moment you thought it couldn’t get any better, the beauty would multiply again and again. The scenery was so mesmerizing that I stopped paddling, stood still and in silence on my board to take in all the beauty that surrounded me.

(Photo Credit: Starboard)

Being on the water and witnessing Mother Nature’s creations at her finest was such a priceless gift and a very special moment for me.  There I was standing in the middle of the vast ocean, yet I felt so connected to myself, my purpose, and the world around me. The feelings of gratitude and clarity rushed into every cell of my being. I felt grateful for all things in my life, the good and the bad. They all led me here to this moment in time.

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