Switzerland launches SUP Suisse, its own Stand Up Paddle association

On February 6th, the new association SUP Suisse has been launched. SUP Suisse will be responsible to organize SUP Swiss Championships and the national SUP team for both the canoe federation (Swiss Canoe) and the surfing association (Swiss Surfing Association). Both federations agreed to work closely together in organizing one Swiss Championship and also developing one national team starting for both federations. This will guarantee for Switzerland to have the best possible athletes available in ICF and ISA events and avoiding athletes having to choose one. In order to have a body for these matters, SUP Suisse has been founded.

About the team

Executive members are the SUP Racer Andy Saurer who is the president, Lidvina Champendal and Florian Gander.

I do not race, why should I become a member?

We built this association to help our Swiss athletes to become more successful in international SUP racing. We help them organize their participation at the World Championships. We are still a small association and it is hard to generate funds. With your membership, you help these athletes and us to organize the stuff around them.

Ready for action?

Join the national team tryouts on March 27th in Greifensee. This will be the first opportunity to tryout for the national team and start at the ICF World Championships in Hungary.

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Laura Desmit

A student in an engineering school and also passionate about water sports, Laura is first a swimmer and discovered Stand Up Paddle in 2019, she was hooked. Today she mixes boardsports (surfing, SUP, canoe) with her passion for swimming by doing SwimRun.

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