SUP Obstacle Jumping, What If This Were Only The Start?

27 Sep 2014

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Every year Idaho River Sports organize the Fall Paddle Classic at the now world-famous Whitewater Park in Boise, Idaho which hosted the Payette River Games in June earlier this year. The Fall Paddle Classic is a Stand Up Paddle, Kayak and Canoe friends and family-friendly get-together mixing racing, barbecuing and plenty of fun. One particular event within the event which attracted our attention is their SUP Obstacle Jump. A 1 meter large floatable device holds a hurdle and participants jump over it… 

Now, as a former hurdler, as in “Track & Field” hurdler, the first idea that sprung to mind when I saw those videos – besides the obvious fun of it – was whether this could be done on a much larger scale and added, let's say, to flat water racing ? Stick those floatable hurdles on a flat race course or place a long one accross a larger water area, ask the racers to jump over it and let's bet the race would be a tad less boring to take part in and, most certainly, watch… 

It would be interesting to find out if any race organizers would be happy to take up the challenge and organize the first SUP hurdle / steeplechase race ! Any takers ?

Anyway, just a thought.. Until then, let's enjoy watching those jumps and … fails… 

Fall Paddle Classic 2014 – SUP Obstacle Jump

Fall Paddle Classic – Fail 1

Fall Paddle Classic – Fail 2

Fall Paddle Classic – Fail 3

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