Can you have one SUP Board for any occasion? NSP think so with their new Omni SLX

A new addition to the NSP SUP range is the Omni SLX, a board design that draws from both NSP’s impressive SUP race and SUP surf experience. Word class paddler, Ty Judson has had an Omni SLX for some time now and he shares his thoughts on this all-round board with Chris from TotalSUP

Hi Ty, welcome back to the site, today you have a relatively new board to talk about

Thanks, guys! Nice to be here. Yeah, let’s talk about the NSP Omni-SLX.

The description from the NSP website is that this board can do a bit of everything, how can that be! 

The website description is a great place to start with this board, it really can do a bit of everything. I think the NSP Omni is the ultimate cruising racer, bump chaser, and a capable board for all paddlers. It’s well-crafted, and adaptable and offers a winning combination of performance, comfort, and stability.

We can see how versatile the board is in your video guide to the board where you talk us through it;

That is a good-looking, understated board. 

I think so, it is a board we enjoyed developing because you can use it in any condition you want, flatwater, bumps, waves or for a mini-adventure with some equipment stored on the deck.

During the testing of this board Alain, Titouan and I compared it with the Puma. While it didn’t quite keep up with the puma during flat water speed tests, the versatility of this board makes it a winner in my eyes. It has been a while since I have seen a board like this on the market and honestly, it could be the one board to suit all your needs.

A board that could be used for anything needs to be quite tough, was that a consideration during design?

Absolutely! The construction of this board is actually quite impressive, we’ve used our SLX-Carbon construction which is reflected in the board name and there is Innegra reenforcement at the nose and tail. 

I have put the board in some bad situations – punching through shore dumpers and driving the nose into a sand bank. The board is quite rigid and had minimal wobble with zero damage. 

And I think it’s good that there is an option to carry stuff, perfect for coffee breaks on islands! In your video, you show how versatile this shape is in small surf, looks like fun. 

Not just in small stuff, this board works in bigger conditions too. At home, I have a point break and it’s perfect for those small days, you can pick up almost anything; it’s such a fun board to surf. 

Part of development and testing is finding the limit of the design and, let’s say it works! T2 and I were out at Wategos in Byron Bay when testing the prototype in overhead waves having such a blast. If you want to this board is great at big cutbacks. 

To help get the most out of the board we have used a grip and heel arch at the back which is perfect for feeling the board positioning under your feet. I know when I’m at the back of the board and my foot is over the fins with exceptional stability. Not to mention the board kick turns like a dream!

That covers flatwater and surf but you also talk about bumps

When the board is in DW bumps it holds a lot of speed when you’re standing on the tail. This gives you a lot of control with the ability to stay on the bigger bumps and surf across them. Similarly, the board feels like you’re paddling a Puma while chasing the next run. 

Thank you, Ty. That is a glowing recommendation from a paddler who also seems to do well in all conditions and we all look forward to hearing from you later in the season. 

The new NSP Omni SLX could be the board you need to have in your quiver if space is limited and you need one board to rule them all if you can get your hands on one!

You can keep up with all things NSP through their social media on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and on the NSP website . The full range of NSP SUP Race boards are available to order on the NSP Website. And you can keep track of Ty on his Instagram page.

Images from Ty, NSP Omni SLX technical infographics from the NSP Website.

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