Pack up in Peace: Silent Revolution for Inflatable SUPs

Dedicated to driving innovation and adventure, Red Paddle Co has launched a new accessory for any inflatable paddle board that allows SUP riders to pack up their boards in peace, The Silent Air Remover.

Nifty Little Thing

Any owner of an inflatable stand up paddle board will be all too familiar with the moment when the time comes to deflate your board and the noise that is produced. You will have more than likely warned any nearby onlookers or young families to the imminent roar of rushing air as you compress the valve. As a newcomer to the sport, deflating your board can even attract unwanted attention as you go about packing away your new SUP only to have surrounding beach goers jump at the sound and look around for the source of the unexpected sound.

Subtle and peaceful way to deflate your board

The Red Paddle Co Silent Air Remover is designed to do away with these awkward moments by offering a more subtle and peaceful way to deflate your board. The Silent Air Remover reduces the sound of a board inflated to 18psi from over 130 decibels at initial valve depression to less than 80 decibels. That is the equivalent of a jet taking off in comparison to background noise in a restaurant.

The device, which is precision molded in Germany is compatible with any inflatable that uses a HR valve which includes the majority of inflatable paddle boards on the market. It is fitted in the same way you would connect a pump hose and has been designed for disassembly meaning all parts can be replaced for easy product maintenance if required. The Silent Air Remover diffuses the initial loud rush of air and after 60 seconds can be removed to allow your board to be deflated in the normal way and has little to no impact on the time required to pack away your SUP.

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