Starboard’s Shakira Westdorp Wins the 2019 Rottnest Island SUP Classic (Again)

Starboard Dream Team Rider Shakira Westdorp takes the top podium spot at this year’s 2019 Rottnest Island SUP Classic (again). The event was held  over the 1st weekend in April. The Rottnest Island SUP classic is one of Western Australian biggest and most prestigious SUP surfing event. The event once again returned to Strickland Bay, Rottnest Island, roughly 20 KM off the West Australian Coast. The small island is a great destination for weekend getaways and popular amongst the boaties, but there are some great waves around for the surfers and not to mention, there are some large grey fish 😉

Displaying great technique and stroking into some absolute monster waves, Westdorp finished on a two-wave combined total of 13.93 (from a possible 20) defeating a rapidly improved Susannah Wilson (Beaconsfield, WA).

Starboard HQ caught up with the Aussie World Champion, Shakira Westdorp, and she broke it down day-by-day “Rottnest Island SUP Classic has got to be my favourite event of the year and I always look forward to surfing at this event. Western Australia is so rugged and raw and the waves have a lot more power than the East Coast. It’s just a full adventure for the 4 days of competition.

There are no public vehicles on the island so you have to hire a bike and ride out to the event site every day, which is about a 7 KM journey. The ride is so beautiful and a good warm-up for the legs. When you’re done competing you can fish in the abundant waters, or go foiling on the foil-perfect waves back at the break near our accommodation, or simply bike around and see the sites! At the end of the day, everyone either cooks up their catches or heads to the pub for a couple of beer and a few laughs.

The weather forecast this year was once again looking good, so I was really looking forward to getting over there. After some airport delay troubles we made it over to the other side of the country but our bags and boards were still behind…. meh. Lucky they had called a lay day for the first day of competition and baggage arriving the next day. Our mate picked us up and we were straight out onto the boat with a beer in hand.”

Here’s what Shak’s days looked like:

Day 1 – Lay day

Organised a bike
Pick up baggage

Day 2 – Comp on

Bike out to comp site
Won my heat in 4 ft fun left/ right peak
Bike back

Day 3 – Comp on

Bike out to comp site
Won my heat in 4 ft fun left/ right peak
Bike back
Fished and caught squid and herring for dinner

Photo Credit: Surfing WA/Majeks

Day 4 – Finals day

Bike out to site
Compete in building 4-6 ft semi. Managed a couple of nice waves for the win and into the final
The waves continued to build up till the final with some 8ft sets hitting the lineup! Took a bomb and went straight!! Then got pumped but a set, they managed a couple of waves and completed some nice turns for the win. This was my fourth time to win this event!
Bike back for the presentation
A couple of beers
Boast back to the mainland to catch the red-eye back for work the next day.


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