Sarah Hauser – From Pro Windsurfing to Wing Foiling!

Hi, welcome to Audrey Meyer Pro Foil talk, the new foil media by Watersport media Total SUP.

Today’s guest on our podcast is Sarah Hauser. Sarah got awarded in the Guinness World Records for the biggest wave ever windsurfed by a female. What an amazing achievement. In today’s interview, Sarah Hauser will tell us:

  • How a professional windsurfer got into foiling and wing foiling.
  • How was her first time on a foil, and her equipment progression.
  • Some tips to get into wing foiling while enjoying the learning curve.
  • -as a fitness expert-, How to be prepared to avoid injuries.

My biggest take-away from this interview with Sarah is how foiling is creating new opportunities to discover new spots, ride more waves and have a tone of fun.

If you are interested to connect with Sarah Hauser and read more about her fitness program for healthy shoulders, check out her page:

See you in the water! And for our next interview with another Pro Foil Talk.


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Top 5 ranked competitor on the Kiteboarding World Tour, in 2010, Audrey Meyer is a water woman honing her craft in every possible ocean sport (Surf/ SUP/ Windsurf/ Foil/ and Wingfoil). Passionate about Foiling, and the future of Wing Foiling, she is established in the Dominican Republic for more than 20 years.
Ocean and fitness coach Audrey helps men and women to push their limits in and out of the water."

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