SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge 2019 Results, Live Feeds & Social Media Actions – A recap of TotalSUP’s Week in Hood River

Last week, TotalSUP had the privilege to settle down in Hood River, Oregon for a full week, courtesy of the World Paddle Association and SUP brand SIC Maui, partner of the 2019 Gorge Paddle Challenge. Here are the embedded players an links to all the live actions, interviews, social media posts and publications produced by TotalSUP before and during the event. Relive Fiona Wylde and Connor Baxter’s 4th Double-Downwinder victory on Day 1April Zilg and Noic Garioud’s ultra dominance in the course race on Day 2 and more!

FACEBOOK LIVE FEEDS / 47,1K followers

> 6 major live feeds and a few minor ones
> 30,000 aggregated views

Elite Men – Downwind Run #1 – 8470 views 

Elite Women – Downwind Run #2 – 4440 views

Elite Men’s Finish – Downwind Rund #2 – 1960 views

Elite Women’s Course Race – 4,460 views – 49 Shares

Elite Men’s Course Race – 6,170 views – 53 Shares

Open Men’s Course Race – 3,200 views – 23 Shares

Instagram Stories / 31,2K followers

Stats :
> 35 SAVED instagram stories
> 33500 aggregated views
> 950 views on average

See all 35 Instagram Stories under “Hood River” on :


Stats :
> 2 videos

The One-Design Fun Relay Race – 7,900 views – 36 Shares

Connor Baxter – 14,700 views – 107 Shares


Day 1 – Double Downwinder – Top Results – Real Time

Day 1 – Double-Downwinder Full Results – Real Time

Day 2 – Course Race – Results and Podiums

Live feed Announcement – 5800 reached – 12 shares


> 5 video interviews
> 7500 aggregated views
Martin Vitry – SIC Team Rider

Byron Kurt – World Paddle Association

Jade Howson, Zeke Rose, Keaton Rose, Slater Fleke

Casey Rynkowski – SIC Team & Social Media Manager

Seychelle – SIC Team Rider 

TotalSUP would like to send out a huge THANK YOU :  

The World Paddle Association : Byron Kurt & Julie Alston for the driving & the guacamole bagels
SIC Maui: Anthony Scaturro, Casey Rinkowski, Mark Raaphorst & Livio Menelau for their trust and friendship
The SIC House : room mate Martin Vitry, all the pro riders + youth team + moms, dads, husbands, wives and brothers, for the runs
The Gorge Paddle Challenge / Big Winds: Steve Gates, Erin Gates, Jody Gates, Jennifer & TJ Gulizia, Doug Hopkins
The Paddle Academy : Mike Eisert & Tonya
Fiona Wylde for her immense hospitality and investment in the sport
Anthony Vela, best beach MC in the world
Darren Rogers, Love Boat Captain
Jura Brozina – Uber man !
All the participants for their trust.
All the live viewers for their positivity, support … and not a single negative comment 🙂

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